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State Patty’s Day: PSU Grassroots, Organic Tradition

With State Patty’s Day 2008 just one day away on March 1, there are doubtless many thousand in our community getting set to celebrate this still unique grassroots student tradition for the second year running. The Catholic Church has moved official celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day to March 15, which falls over our Spring Break […]

Executive Hobbies v. Crushing Debt

Penn State President Graham Spanier hosted his usual once-per-month radio show, “To The Best of My Knowledge,” on WPSU-FM last on Tuesday. Each month, the topic of the show changes, along with the panelists he invites to discuss the issue. This month, though, President Spanier discussed a topic that I believe was especially relevant to Penn […]

Student Against Sweatshops Respond to Spanier’s Letter

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by the Penn State United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) and Student Labor Action Project (SLAP). Safeguard Old State has published this letter to act as an open forum to spur needed public discourse on this subject, though we take no official stance on the issue of so-called sweatshop […]

Want to Rock The Vote? Bring in MUSIC

This past Saturday, I had a chance to interview the politically driven band State Radio before their show at LuLu’s. I stayed around for the show as well, and what I found was a band who could truly Rock The Vote.

Two Years Later: Is the UPUA our Student Voice?

After two years of existence, the UPUA is heading into its third election cycle. While the UPUA is referred to as the Student Voice, has it lived up to that designation.

Congratulations to THON

While there may be critics of THON, I must say that the amount of money that was raised is truly impressive. Moreover, I have never seen the Bryce Jordan Center so lively.

A Questionably ‘Strategic Plan’ for Penn State

Penn State announced on February 19 that they are beginning the most comprehensive strategic plan for the future that they have ever made. I will say this: on paper, and in these early stages, it does have a nice ring. They outline a few goals that sure do sound nice: – Enhance academic excellence through […]

VP of Student Affairs Candidates to Meet Today

SOS has received word that the newest candidates for the VP position will be in town today.

Rock the Vote, a $4,000 Reality

Tonight the Student Programming Assocation (SPA) brought Syrus and Robin from the Real World to Rock the Vote at Penn State. While SOS applauds the initiative of trying to spread the word about voting, someone forgot to tell the student body about the event.

Remove the Blind Fold: The Money is still not ours

SOS believes it is great that under the leadership of Dan Green, the activity fee was, in large part, returned to students and UPAC; however, the Student Activity Fee Board still exists which gives the power to Student Affairs, thus they at any time can take back the fee.