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An Eye on the Penn State Administration

Collegian Agrees with SOS, UPUA

A recent topic of interest here at Safeguard Old State has been a fresh, dare we say “student-centered” approach to fostering a culture of responsible alcohol consumption by Penn State students. Along those same lines, members of UPUA’s Legal Affairs division have reinvigorated debate over PSU’s refusal to enact a sensible medical amnesty policy. SOS Executive Director Gavin Keirans chimed in with his own thoughts, generating some spirited dialog, and also highlighted how one of the organization’s founders has been making this same point for years.

Today, The Daily Collegian chimed in with its own verdict on the issue, and the paper agrees with this common sense approach, one already in place at campuses across the nation.

A new wave of intelligent and informed student opinion on encouraging responsible peer behavior is sweeping the University Park campus. Those who claim to care about promoting student welfare would do well not to ignore it.

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But those who claim to care about student welfare WILL ignore it. They always do. Our administration actively REFUSES to be student centered, and would rather be profit centered. This kind of policy would be extremely sensible were it to pass, and a boon to the student body. It would promote safety and wellness, and it would increase the number of people receiving treatment for alcohol related matters.

However, here at Penn State, we would rather fling money at ineffectual programs such as late night Penn State, Ignore the resources we have readily available to us, squelch independent, intelligent solutions to encourage responsible drinking, and allow people like Billy “Mouth of Sauron” Mahon to continue to spin facts to make it look like we have a competent administration.

Ah Penn State, ’tis such a shame how you are shooting yourself in the foot in front of all us future deep pocketed alumni…

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