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Council Woman Goreham Breaks Promise to Students

When State College Borough Councilwoman Liz Goreham ran for political office in 1999, she sold her future constituents a bill of goods about what she would do for them once in office. One of these promises was something groundbreaking, something common-sense, and something gravely needed in State College.

Naturally, this promise was forgotten after election day, and we continue to suffer as a community as a result. I speak about the promised “Student/Landlord Resolution Center” that Goreham spoke so passionately about back in 1999. Click here to read through The Daily Collegian’s article on the promised center, so you can come to your own conclusions on the matter.

In the article by Beth Baumgardner in 1999, Goreham makes very serious promises that have not been kept.

“To inform students and landlords about their rights as tenants and renters, State College Borough Council member Elizabeth Goreham is independently working to develop a Student/Landlord Resolution Center. The center would offer free legal services to both students and landlords who feel they are being treated unfairly.

Ultimately, though, I think it would have been something to help State College serve as a model for other communities, and it would have undoubtedly solved many thousands of problems that have been encountered both by student renters and resident landlords in just the eight years since it was first promised.

Yet, eight years later, where is this Student/Landlord Resolution Center? It’s just another promise made for personal political gain, with no follow-up from the person who promised it, and no collective memory from the community that took Liz Goreham at her word.

All’s fair in the world of politics, though, right?

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When Tom Fountaine announced at the OCSU meeting in March that it was mandatory that all renters be furnished with information developed by the borough regarding rights and emergency numbers, I nearly spit out my water. Not only that, but with the renters answering to no one about student safety as a result of hiring practices, it does not surprise me that the major tax revenue base for State College is a burden instead of an ally. Maybe “The Student Party” needs to make a return?

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