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Rock the Vote, a $4,000 Reality

Tonight the Student Programming Assocation (SPA) brought Syrus and Robin from the Real World to Rock the Vote at Penn State. While SOS applauds the initiative of trying to spread the word about voting, someone forgot to tell the student body about the event.

These two realities stars do not come cheap, as the two of them cost $4,000 in student activity fee dollars. In addition the marketing campaign pushed the event well over 4k.

The worst part is that there were only around 100 people there. Doing a little second grade math, this would mean roughly $40 a student.

There were no politicians in attendance from local or national politics. Further there were no professors or faculty in attendance.

Is this an example of responsible spending? Is this how most students would want their funds spent to improve campus life? Doubtful.

Why have the event on President’s Day, when most politicians have prior obligations?

The Student Activity Fee can not bring in partisan candidates unless it is fair and balanced. It would not have been proper to bring in current presidential candidates for the event as nominees are still being decided.

At the same time, there are a long list of Presidential dropouts including Rudy Guliani, Fred Thompson and John Edwards. Bring in one from each side to offer both prospectives of the Republican and Democrats. Students know these names and would have attended.

Having Syrus and Robin alone does not rock the vote, nor does it apparently rock the student body into attending.

Further the two constantly spat out misstatements and had no idea about anything beyond basic concepts. When asked about campaign finance reform, the two looked as if they had been asked for the meaning of life.

There were a great deal of people who put in a great deal of work for the event. But it failed to live up to its expectations.


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