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VP of Student Affairs Candidates to Meet Today

SOS has received word that the newest candidates for the VP position will be in town today.

The source said that Spanier is meeting with candidates for the VP Student Affairs position at The Penn Stater this morning from around 9AM-12PM in conference room 211.

Further Penn State is paying $51 per person with over 20 expected for lunch. A little pricier than the dining commons.

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I heard from someone that knows someone that the CDT was looking into this too. I’m not sure about that, and even if they are, if anything would come of it.

I wonder how many candidates are being served lunch vs. random administrative staffers. Recruiting someone decent to be the VP of student affairs will cost money. If it is someone who cares about building a student centered University, and who wants to make PSU a better place, than that money is well spent.

If we get another Triponey, however, the students must rise up and make Spanier rue every penny spent wooing potential hires.

If the case is the latter, I’m looking forward to seeing what Billy “Mouth of Sauron” Mahon has to say about it.

PennState loves so much to hire and promote from within,so why not do it here? Why not give Gail Hurley a chance to do a better job than her predecessor? We tried an outsider with Triponey and that was a disaster.

i don’t know what everyone is worried about, didn’t u all hear that ralph crivello rewrote the upua constitution?!?!?

problem solved!!!

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