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Want to Rock The Vote? Bring in MUSIC

This past Saturday, I had a chance to interview the politically driven band State Radio before their show at LuLu’s. I stayed around for the show as well, and what I found was a band who could truly Rock The Vote.The band was originally formed in 2002 by Chad Urmston, the former lead vocalist for Dispatch and Chuck Fay, a Philadelphia native and St. Joe’s Prep graduate.

I first became a fan of this band after watching a DVD for the last Dispatch concert. It was there that I saw State Radio performing at a Rock The Vote event, playing a song called Democracy in Kind with some highly political lyrics.

From there I learned a great deal more about the band, and I picked up their first album, its title alone is a dead giveaway of their political nature. Us Against the Crown was the name of their first album and they have just released a new album entitled Year of the Crow with tracks including “Sudan”, “Guantanamo” and “Fall of the American Empire.”

As I interviewed the band, I got a deep introspective about their political views. What was supposed to be a 5 minute interview turned into a 45 minute conversation about music and politics.

I asked them about Rock the Vote and their plans for this year’s election. The band assured me that they plan on doing these events after the primary season as they had done in 2004.

While they admit to being big time Democrats, they do not believe in forcing their views on anyone. Not once during the concert was there any political references, although one could argue their music does the talking.

The most significant effect of bringing in State Radio or a politically driven band like it, is that students will come. LuLu’s sold out, 700 people strong on a Saturday during THON. This was after students had to pay $15.

Now offer this concert for free at the HUB. Instead of paying Robin and Syrus $4,000, pay to bring in the music.

The Student Programming Association needs to look at its own Pulse Survey that they have just conducted. Overwhelmingly, the number one thing students wanted to see at Late Night was a concert from a rock band.

I did miss where student’s said they wanted no talent reality hacks who have no idea what they are talking about.Maybe thats why 1oo students showed up.

Well here it is, gift wrapped for you: 700 students paid $15 to see the band on a THON weekend, imagine if it were free.

Bring in the Music, Bring in the Students, Bring in the Vote.

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sorry, the last thing i want is to listen to communists sing about how great communism is and how evil america is.

you see, unlike this band, i don’t have my head up my ass.

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