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No Other Choice: Gavin Keirans the only option for UPUA President

Gavin Keirans and Valarie Russell represent the only choice for UPUA President and Vice President. Vote today at vote.psu.edu       

This year Gavin has served as Executive Director for Safeguard Old State and is the leading voice across campus.

Together with Valarie Russell, a faculty senator and Lion Ambassador, the two are the strongest and most experienced ticket.

To find out more check out GetupforGavin.com 

VOTE TODAY from 6AM to 10PM.

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Meet the UPUA Assembly Candidates Endorsing

At Large Representatives

* Hillary Gupta has been a UPUA Representative for two years and currently chairs the programming committee. She is also President of her sorority, Delta Zeta.

* Steve Lucas is a leading voice in the LGBTQA community, as well as a UPUA representative and College Democrat.

* Samantha Miller is a Lion Ambassador, who also serves as a College Democrat and UPUA Representative.

* Mike Anderson is a former UPUA Vice Presidential Candidate and currently a Faculty Senator as well as a Safeguard Old State Director.

* Megan Quinn is one of the most active advocates on campus, serving as President of the Student Labor Action Project.

On Campus Representatives

* Kaitlyn Kunkle has two years of student government experience serving on the Undergraduate Student Government Executive last year and as a UPUA representative this year. Further she has been active in THON and serves as a Residence Assistant.

Academic College Representatives

* Ralph Crivello is running for the engineering seat. Crivello is the leading voice in the UPUA and active member in Safeguard Old State. He also serves on the faculty senate currently in the engineering seat, leading up the Academic Affairs Committee.

* Mike Wallace served as Gavin Keirans Vice Presidential Candidate in Spring 2007. He is currently running for the Business seat. He also serves as a member of Safeguard Old State.

* Nick Heim is running for the Education Seat having served in that role this year. He also sits on the Academic Affairs Committee.

* Michael Aldinger is running for the DUS seat having served in that role this year.

* Austin Iorio is running for the IST seat, having been a leading campaigner in 2007 and excited about the possibility to help his college.

* Richard Schemanski is running for the Liberal Arts seat and currently is the liberal arts representative. He also serves as a member of Safeguard Guard Old State

Off Campus At Large Representatives

* Sam Loewner is one of the most active Freshman on campus. Through his hard work he has been promoted to a director for Safeguard Old State and is a member of students for Barack Obama.

* Matt Smith is a veteran who serves as President of Liberal Arts Undergraduate Council.

* Nick Mance is a sophomore serving on UPAC and as a UPUA representative.

* Chris Morell is an active freshman who is leading the ground operations for this year’s freshman effort.

* Jimmy Byrne is a Practice player for the Women’s Basketball team. He served as a major player on last year’s Presidential Campaign.

* Carolyn Saveri is a Dean’s List student having been an active member on last year’s Presidential run.

* John King is a Dean’s List student who serves as a member of Safeguard Old State

* Michael Smith is one of the hardest and loyal activists on campus. Smith has been doing behind the scenes work for Keirans and his 2007 campaign since he got to Penn State.

congrats Gavin, now grab your sack and actually do things that leaves an actual legacy, meaning, do that which the administration can’t undo at a later date.

u could start with getting a good lawyer.

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