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Right On: Penn State Parent Speaks Up on New Tax

The Daily Collegian today features a letter from a concerned Penn State parent who condemns the administration’s newly unveiled “facilities” tax that’s going to be implemented by Fall 2008. The “Student Facilities Fee”, which was uncovered recently by Safeguard Old State, will cost students an addition $200 per year despite the fact that no new facility blueprints have even been commissioned.

Safeguard Old State will be covering this in-depth over the coming weeks.

Posted on March 26, 2008 12:52 AM

Letter to the Editor

University should research before charging more fees

I agree with The Daily Collegian’s opinion on the facility fee and would like to ask the university how it knows that the figure of $200 is justified. Since the cost of education continues to rise already without these arbitrary and capricious additional fees, the university should first examine what activity revenues and surpluses are already available, how they are being spent, what remains unused and how that can be redistributed or returned to the students.

Additional fees are just like taxes. Once they are levied, they have a tendency to never go away.

Lou Martel


Parent of Penn State student

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Didn’t our great nation undergo a war once in connection with the phrase “No taxation without representation” ?

Because I’m pretty sure we’re getting taxed here at PSU with absolutely no representation (Galen Foulke being as much a representative for the students as Benedict Arnold or Judas Iscariot were shining, upstanding men)

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