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For The Love of Greeks: Help Phi Delt!

As the unrelenting battle rages on with the brothers of Phi Delta Theta, the real issue continues to be passed over. The brothers of Phi Delta Theta are in a legal war with the university, as has been reported on this website and through the daily collegian. If the brothers lose, their house is going […]

The Other Penn State: Chris Morell

As a freshman here at University Park, I arrived and was completely blown away. I had only been here two times, and never really had the Penn State experience. I quickly realized how different Penn State was from my high school, and I fell in love with it. But a time came when I realized […]

Phi Delta Theta’s Continuing Struggle

The brothers of Phi Delta Theta are tenaciously fighting for some very important things: the pride they feel in their fraternity, leading in the way they feel appropriate, and the life of their chapter house. After a tumultuous series of events, including the revocation of their national charter for what some believe to be motivated […]

Penn State Film Students Unite Against Censorship

I may not know as much about “strict libertarian philosophy” as Penn State College Libertarian President Alex Weller, but I do know when my voice is being censored and my free expression rights as an artist are trampled. Recently, the Student Film Organization at Penn State put together its annual student film festival, which will […]

‘Hurley Will Decide:’ The Student Facilities Fee Is Inevitable

The Daily Collegian today confirms what we at Safeguard Old State have been saying for many months now. Neither the Student Activity Fee (SAF) nor student fees in general are controlled by independent, elected, accountable students. Rather, the administration controls and regulates the fee solely: Hurley To Decide On Fee This Week (TDC) — Interim […]

Only In The Twilight Zone: A ‘Symbolic’ Blue-White Bill

So, according to The Daily Collegian, this past weekend’s Blue-White game festivities ended up resulting in a sharp spike in crime across the borough. The State College Police Department fielded hundreds of calls over the course of the first major football-related weekend of the year. Weekend Sees Increase In Local Crime, Accidents (TDC) — Visitors […]

Are You Having Trouble Hearing, Old Main?

I had the pleasure on Tuesday of stopping by the USAS/SLAP rally outside old main, while several people I know were part of the sit-in on the second floor of Old Main. Sweatshop labor and Workers’ Rights are tremendously complicated issues, and I strongly encourage all of you to do some research and try to […]

Student Groups Without Advisers To Be Dissolved

Yet another policy put in place by Vicky Triponey during her time as Vice President for Student Affairs is coming back to bite the students of Penn State University. You see, when Vicky created the bloated “Center for Student Engagement” a few years ago, she implemented a policy that prohibited any new student clubs from forming […]

Borough, What Happened To ‘Tightened Bonds’?

When the newly elected members of the State College Borough Council came into office earlier this year, they quickly moved to reach out publicly to the student population, and to, as The Daily Collegian phrased it, “tighten bonds” with Penn Staters here in Happy Valley. Now, over two months after they stated their intentions, have […]

No Clash: Student Groups United For Reform

In today’s article on the student facilities fee in The Daily Collegian, the article paints a picture that just isn’t true to life, which is fortunate for the student body. Safeguard Old State has been providing unparalleled coverage on the administration’s proposed student fee reorganization for expanding facility space, and the major student governing bodies […]