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For The Love of Greeks: Help Phi Delt!

As the unrelenting battle rages on with the brothers of Phi Delta Theta, the real issue continues to be passed over. The brothers of Phi Delta Theta are in a legal war with the university, as has been reported on this website and through the daily collegian. If the brothers lose, their house is going to be seized by the University.

Yes, the brothers of Phi Delta Theta did violate the rules set forth by their charter, however most college students can say that they have taken the liberty of breaking the law, and drinking before they are of legal age. The drinking violation is an issue that needs to be addressed within the fraternity’s chapter.

The most pressing issue at hand is the fact that the university is showing no compassion towards the brothers of Phi Delta Theta. There are 41 members of the Fraternity right now, because they are no longer recognized as a fraternity, they are no longer able to recruit, and that number will stay the same. On June 30th, 41 Penn State Students will lose their house.

They will have no where to live, and the administration is providing no support, and options for their students. The brothers of Phi Delta Theta were informed of their eviction on April 3, 2008, when most suitable housing is already gone. When the administration, specifically Stan Latta, and Roy Baker, were asked what the University was doing to help these young men, they replied that it was not their problem.

I write this with the utmost respect for our current administration, in recent history Penn State has become one of the Nation’s top Universities. However, there is no reason for the administration to tear down a piece of Penn State history, in order to construct a park. The Phi Delta Theta house is over 100 years old, and is a landmark on the West Side of campus. To not only tear down the house, but also to kick the students out of the same house, is wrong.

It is my hope that the brothers of Phi Delta Theta will continue to fight for their right to be a fraternity. They have the support of Safeguard Old State, the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA), and many alumni. It’s time for the students to show their support, and rally around something that affects the entire University.

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It may be wrong, but when has that ever stopped our Administration before? They have their set plan of what they want Penn State To look like, architecturally, and that house is a roadblock. So it will be pulverized however possible. We’ve already seen that they will walk all over those who support them. Take a look at the Student facilities fee for example.

The Administration does not care what we want or think. All they care about is our money. Nothing else.

As always, SOS focuses only on one issue. If the administration believes something, SOS disagrees….regardless of whether the administration is right or wrong. Phi Delta Theta is in this situation because of their own actions. They knew this would happen if they broke the rules of their fraternity. SOS should focus on the truth for a change. The house is a dump and the guys living there could care less about the house or their frat. Those guys joined a dry frat and then complained when they couldn’t drink in the house. Hold them accountable for a change SOS. Administrators may not always be right, but neither are you…and in this situation, you are jumping on the wrong ship. You are not Greek yourself so you cannot possibly understand the real issues here. Most of us are not interested in supporting Phi Delta Theta because they are wrong. All they need to do is follow the rules. And SOS needs to just stay out of something they don’t understand.

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