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The Means & Ends: The New Health Services Building

The Centre Daily Times reported earlier this week on the completed University Health Services building, which will replace Ritenour in less than ten days. I think Penn Staters can universally agree that the Ritenour building was not large enough for the needs of modern health service on our campus. Certainly, something needed to be done, […]

Why Is The Student Activity Fee Subsidizing Gym Costs?

Upon logging into Penn State’s Fitness Department’s website earlier today to buy my summer fitness membership (which allows me access to three different on-campus gyms) I was greeted by a message that both surprised and frustrated me. Unbeknownst to me, our student activity fee dollars are now being funneled into support the operation of the […]

Marty Nemko, U.S. News Editor, Talks Higher Education

The LION 90.7fm, Penn State Student Radio, welcomed U.S. News & World Report Contributing Editor Marty Nemko on the air earlier this week to discuss higher education and the worth of a bachelor’s degree. Nemko appeared on The LION 90.7fm‘s public affairs talk program Radio Free Penn State (weeknights, 5-6pm). Andy Nagypal, host of Radio […]

CDT Reader Reaction To The ‘Student Facilities Fee’

We’re cross-posting the Centre Daily Times reader reaction to the Sat., May 17 article PSU Trustees Approve Facilities Fee. Since the Centre Daily Times unfortunately does not keep a living archive of its articles, we wanted to document the community reaction to this fee here for posterity on Safeguard Old State. What a shocker. This […]

NPR: Are College Degrees A Waste Of Money?

Talk of the Nation on National Public Radio recently featured a rather provocative interview with Marty Nemko, Contributing Editor to U.S. News & World Report. Nemko penned an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education this month titled “America’s Most Overrated Product: The Bachelor’s Degree.” Are College Degrees a Waste of Money? (NPR) May 12, […]

Graham Spanier, Editorials & Financial Accountability

The Centre Daily Times recently ran an editorial lauding the Penn State Alumni Association for its recent creation of a $2.1 million dollar fund that will allow for 35 new annual scholarships to be awarded to financially strapped students at the University. Alumni Group Leads By Example (CDT) April 28 — The Penn State Alumni […]

Penn State Trustees: You Belong in Nittany Valley

The Penn State Trustees will be meeting within the next few days to go over the final business of the board for the fiscal year. The Trustees are a curious group of men and women. They’re the leaders who are charged with guiding the overall direction of our University and ensuring its long term success […]

What Is The ‘Residential College Movement’?

As I was reading an article on Minding the Campus a few weeks ago, I found a group called The Collegiate Way, which, in its own words, “seeks to improve campus life by creating small, faculty-led residential colleges within large universities.” The Collegiate Way even claims to be “the leading resource on the worldwide residential […]

Despite Report, Facilities To Get ‘Major Upgrades’

Despite the results of the Recreation Facilities Analysis report that we published on Safeguard Old State earlier this week, the Centre Daily Times reports today that athletic facilities will “get major upgrades.” This development, in and of itself, is not necessarily a problem. What would be problematic, though, is if the administration chooses to use […]

The Mifflin Streak: Reaction on Radio Free Penn State

If you read the Centre Daily Times, you’ll have no doubt seen the story published yesterday on the result of the annual student tradition called the “Mifflin Streak,” wherein dozens of students strip and sprint down Mifflin Road on campus to celebrate the end of the academic year, as a few thousand of their peers […]