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Centre Daily Times Triumphs Over Banyan Homes Dispute

Safeguard Old State first reported in November on a dispute between Banyan Homes and the Centre Daily Times over alleged defamation by reporter Jennifer Thomas, who teaches at Penn State under her married name, Jennifer Bosak.

The story of the lawsuit spread to other local blogs, including Penn State On The Record. If nothing else, the story we broke here became a fine example of the kind of citizen reporting that new media has made possible, empowering the common man to spur dialog in the community.

New media, like traditional media, comes with responsibility, however, and it’s in the pursuit of truth that I now would like to close the book on this story. I’ve recently received word from local officials close to the lawsuit that things have wrapped up and that the case has been discontinued.

There are no claims and no money has changed hands. Things ended officially a few weeks ago, which can be confirmed by a look at the public record, which shows that the Centre Daily Times and Jennifer Thomas were accurate and truthful in reporting the facts on Banyan Homes.

We’re pleased to hear that things have ended well, confirming in our minds the already stellar reputation the Centre Daily Times has earned among local Pennsylvania newspapers as an innovator in changing times.

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