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‘The Education Blob Expands’

National Review Online posts a blog entry today that perfectly summarizes what we here at Safeguard Old State often complain about at Penn State… the idea of “the beuarcracy growing to meet the growing needs of the beaurcracy.” Regardless of the politics of this particular example, there’s no denying that many positions that exist today […]

Energy Efficiency

Again, the state college police are flaunting their electric scooters.  These scooters, which cost $9,000 are the biggest waste of money by the UP police I can remember.  It is completely ridiculous to say that, these “motorcycles” are necessary, or even help to protect the University.  With snow on the ground, from mid october through april, how […]

Excess: Penn State’s Electric Motorcycles

Few news items could more perfectly sum up the culture of excess that plagues higher education than the recent announcement by Penn State University Police that they have acquired two new electric motorcycles. Touting the decision to buy the motorcycles for police patrols on campus, the press announcement mentions that they “run nearly silently” and […]

Where Is My Tuition Going?

I have head of another new development in the Penn State bureaucracy.  When I was a freshman I would go get dinner breakfast whatever in Findlay Commons, and I would be bombarded with handouts and shouts from groups sitting at tables plugging something. I myself sat at those tables to campaign for Gavin Keirans in March.  Now there used to be […]

The Clock Is Ticking: Student Activity Fee Transparency

Dr. Stanley Latta promised us at Safeguard Old State in May that the Student Activity Fee Board (SAFB) would be soon be publicized on Penn State’s Office of Student Affairs website. The SAFB, of course, is where much of the debate over the controversial “Student Facilities Fee” took place, before President Spanier pushed the fee […]

Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson, a well known “creativity expert” speaks at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Conference from a few years ago on the idea that our school systems are profoundly mistaken in their methods of education. In this video, Sir Robinson seeks to make the case for “creating an education system that nurtures, rather […]

‘Encampment:’ UPUA Rediscovers A Tradition

The University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) has rediscovered a tradition of years past at Penn State. It’s called “Encampment,” and it was held as an informal gathering of students, faculty, administrators, townspeople and others in the community as a way to foster healthy relationships and friendships among peers. Last Wednesday, the UPUA voted unanimously to […]

Should Penn State Sign The Amethyst Initiative?

The Daily Collegian last week printed a surprising editorial, urging President Graham Spanier to sign on to The Amethyst Initiative. The Amethyst Initiative, a hot button issue in the national news over the past few weeks, is a program of Choose Responsibly, a non-profit focused on the idea that Americans need to rethink the drinking […]