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Spanier’s Non-Response To The Canyon Riot of 2008

President Graham Spanier wrote a short letter on the riot after the Ohio State victory to the student body earlier this week, distributed through the Penn State Student Newswire. After reading Penn State Student Body President Gavin Keirans’ throughout, provocative and engaging editorial on the riot published earlier this week in the Centre Daily Times, […]

THON Run a Success

Everyone here at Penn State knows about THON, but not everyone knows what goes into the tremendous undertaking.  Every day the THON leaders plan and plan the world’s largest student run philanthropic event.   This weekend the THON 5k, took place, raising nearly 50,000 dollars.   “Dozens of people, holding balloons and homemade signs, cheered […]

We Let Joe Pa Down

When something as monumental as defeating Ohio State at the Horseshoe occurs, there is going to be some sort of celebration.  We have not beat them there for 30 years, that is saying something.  We are on our way to an undefeated season(fingers crossed), the first in 14 years.  I can not even imagine what […]

More “Green” Movements Needed

State College, and Penn State are making moves towards reducing the impact that they have on our environment.  However, more is needed, we must continue on the path we have started.  Restaraunts Like PITA PIT and Webster’s have already started in that direction.  An article in the collegian gives a good example. “Making a restaurant environmentally […]

Police Respond With Excessive Force

In today’s world there is always a risk for those in law enforcement, understandably they must take proper precautions, and safeguards.  However one police officer specifically greeted un-armed, jubilant students with excessive force. “We realize everyone was happy for a victory, and we let it go on for a while, but people started uprooting shrubbery and knocking […]

Spanier: ‘Lean’ Budgets For Thee, Not Me

The Centre Daily Times reported earlier this week on President Graham Spanier’s remarks at the most recent meeting of the University Faculty Senate. In an unsurprising move, Mr. Spanier warned of buget shortfalls and the need for academic departments to further tighten the belt. Centre Daily Times – Lean Years Ahead, Spanier Warns – Oct. […]

Mr. Spanier: Are These Activists ‘Misguided’ Too?

President Graham Spanier has been roundly criticized over the past week for his column in the widely respected higher education news magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Mr. Spanier’s article, “Is Campus Activism Dead – Or Just Misguided?” specifically condemns sweatshop protest groups at Penn State. The type of activism Mr. Spanier would apparently like […]

Spanier Meets With Sweatshop Protestors

In your first day from under the title of AAU, President Spanier decided to do something he has so carefully avoided for the past three years.  He has met with people who actually care.  The movement of students against sweatshop labor finally had their day in court, the court of Mr. Spanier. After about three […]

The Chickens are Flying the Coop

In a manner only which the borough council and residents of state college can do, chickens have seemingly become the only important issue discussed in the council meetings. I agree that there is an important issue at stake, but really, does it need to be chickens?  Are there more important issues to deal with like the lack […]

Spanier Resigns…

Finally, President Graham Spanier has resigned.  Whoaaa, hold the phone; it is not from president of our university.  Mr. Spanier has resigned as president of the Association of American Universities (AAU), after serving a year as its president.  This association is a coalition of 62 universities that work together to improve universities, that are very […]