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More “Green” Movements Needed

State College, and Penn State are making moves towards reducing the impact that they have on our environment.  However, more is needed, we must continue on the path we have started.  Restaraunts Like PITA PIT and Webster’s have already started in that direction.  An article in the collegian gives a good example.

“Making a restaurant environmentally friendly costs “more up front, but saves in the long run,” Lippincott said.

For example, fluorescent lights can be more expensive, but the store’s electric bills will decrease, he said.

“Any business in town can make a big difference by having some caution,” Lippincott said.

He added in addition to in-store changes, The Pita Pit reduced its supply intake from three days a week to two days a week.

Palmer said The Pita Pit currently obtains its produce from a warehouse in Harrisburg, but hopes to use more local vendors.

“One of our steps for this year is to find a local vendor for all our vegetables and everything like that,” Palmer said. “I think seasonally it’d be easy, [in] spring and summer months, but could get tough in fall and winter.”

Palmer and Lippincott are hoping other restaurants follow the trend””

A need is growing, and people know it, it is great to see that people are doing something about it.

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