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We Let Joe Pa Down

When something as monumental as defeating Ohio State at the Horseshoe occurs, there is going to be some sort of celebration.  We have not beat them there for 30 years, that is saying something.  We are on our way to an undefeated season(fingers crossed), the first in 14 years.  I can not even imagine what the celebration will be like if we do cross the finish line 12-0.  

With the culmination of the season, we interpret responsibility.  Responsibility to our town, our school, and most importantly ourselves.  I myself was amazed with the celebration that took place after the OSU game.  I was home, getting calls from my friends, getting picture messages, almost a play by play, wishing I was there.  I wasn’t, I missed out, however I think all of us missed out.  Our reputation of greatness, success with honor, was not well represented saturday night.  I cannot say that I would not have been there, or that I will not be there, but I realize now, that being destructive is just not something we should want to advertise.

We strive every day to be a world class institution, in my mind we are.  We simply must conduct ourselves with a sense of being the best.  If we want to be the best, we must beleive we are the best.  Joe Paterno preaches success with honor, going out and getting the job done the right way, and celebrating the way we did was not the wrong way, it was just not the best way.

Coming together in a mass rally like that is awesome and I hope it happens again, but if it does, respect must be given.  We must respect the town, the police, even though they pepper spray us.  They are simply doing their jobs, or trying to.  

“One of these days, maybe I’ve got to do something and talk to the kids and say, ‘Hey, look, we’ve got a big game, we’re going to try to win it and the whole bit. Everybody have a lot of fun, but don’t sgo downtown,’ ” Paterno said Tuesday at his weekly press conference.”

Just like Jo Pa said, lets have a lot of fun, I know I will, but lets not be destructive and disrespectful.

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