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Once again, Stan Latta, assistant VP for Residence Life, has snaked his way out of a problem.  He has successfully completed a “bait and switch.”  He in his infinite wisdom, has created another fee, charging the already strapped for cash student groups, more money.

He himself, said that the point behind the fee, was to discourage, the use of student space, by students who did not live in dorms.  So Stan, I ask you, why not just ban off campus student groups from using this space, why is there a need to tax them?  Why now, do you say that ARSH is the motivating force, when you have proposed this as long as two years ago?

We all know that prices are going to increase here at Penn State, but what is reasonable?  Where doess it stop?  The tipping point was the facilities fee, should that not help to provide for your needs, as it was passed in order to provide for student activities, in student facilities?  

You say that you try to get the pulse of the students, but how do you expect student imput, when you announce a fee a day before it is enacted,  Do not try to tarnish the good name of Penn State, because by acting so sneaky that is what is happening.

Stan, this is ridiculous, what is your office going to do with this new slush fund? I cannot believe that ARSH wants this, do not try and fool us, this is ridiculous.  More to come, do not worry.

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Stan Latta causing trouble for students again? The more things change the more they stay the same, I guess.

Its too bad that after everything that’s gone down these past few years in student affairs that stan latta is still lurking about.

stop treating them and our alma mater like a corporation. Do students a favor, stan…retire.

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