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More Charged In Riots

7 More people have been charged for their participation in the Riots following the PSU OSU victory.  These students are now in the group of 21 who have been charged in connection with the riots.  With the number expected to continue to rise, as the police sift their way through facebook, and other sources of evidence, I ask the some questions.  First, what is the cause of the riots, why were students destructive, and why are the police continuing to spend their time on this.

The underlying issue is why did fellow students not stop the destruction?  Do we not have enough respect for our community, that we think it wise to destroy the community of which we are a part.  Would we tear lights off of our own walls?  I do not think so.

“State College Police filed charges Thursday against seven more individuals — all Penn State students — in connection with the Oct. 25 riot, police said. Four face felony riot charges.

Abraham Doe, 19, 524 Locust Lane; Robert Slater, 20, 222 W. Beaver Ave.; Garrick Stafford, 18, 831 Beaver Hall; and former Collegian photographer Maxwell Kruger, 21, 138 S. Atherton St., were charged with riot, a third-degree felony, in connection with the downtown disruption that followed Penn State’s victory over Ohio State. Kruger was not a staff member with the Collegian at the time of the disturbance.

Twenty-one people have been charged in connection with the riot.”

This collegian article quoted above, states the need for students to really care about their community.  If we chose not to destroy but improve our community we would all be better off.  I ask again is it necessary, how does it make us look.

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