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An Eye on the Penn State Administration

Spanier May Leave

According to “prominent democrats,” President Spanier may be in consideration for the cabinet of Barack Obama.  

“”Prominent Democrats” have named Penn State President Graham Spanier a potential pick for President-elect Barack Obama’s Secretary of Education, according to an early report by a Washington political journalist.

“When you talk to Democrats in Washington, they mention his name. He has a record of accomplishment that people here seem to respect,” said Marc Ambinder, associate editor of The Atlantic, who wrote a post about Spanier’s potential spot on an Obama shortlist for the position Tuesday on his blog.

Though Ambinder said he doesn’t know “whether he’s being vetted or not or what a vet would entail,” he added Spanier is “absolutely in the mix.”

Spanier, who is a registered Democrat, wrote in an e-mail Wednesday he was out of town, had not seen Ambinder’s blog and does “not plan to comment on this speculation.”

Wouldn’t that be nice?  I would love to see someone else in Old Main, who was not struggling to make a profitable corporation, but a real, complete University.  I hope Barack picks Spanier, it will be good for Penn State if he was not here any more!

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