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A New Day For The Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee, one of the more secret funds here at Penn State, as in we do not know exactly where our money is going, is turning a new leaf.  It is becoming progressive, it is thinking, well not it but the persons who should and now the persons who are in charge of it.  Under tremendous pressure from both University Park Undergraduate Association and the Graduate Student Association Presidents, the Activities fee will now fund both organizations directly.

“The University Park Undergraduate Association and the Graduate Student Association learned they would receive a cut of the student activity fee each year at Friday’s Student Activity Fee Board (SAFB) meeting.

A proposal by the board’s Subcommittee for Policies and Procedures to directly allocate a set portion of the student activity fee to both organizations was approved, meaning both groups will have guaranteed funding every year and will not need to submit requests to the University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC).

The amount each will receive will be determined next semester by SAFB, which will consider budgets that UPUA and GSA will submit and allocate accordingly.”

It is time, for this to happen, the stage or the table has been set for greatness now that the main course is fully prepared.  I am going to compare this to a meal if we haven’t all figured it out.  In the past, there was no room for either student government to claim that they had the capability or resources, or even need to handle this kind of money.  Under the guidance of Gavin Keirans and Alfonso Mendoza, both student governments are now capable of handling this sum of money.

Like setting the table, electing Mendoza and Keirans set the stage for revitalizing two faltering organizations.  Then they served the appetizer and made their organizations relevant on campus, by providing leadership on many issues including the facilities fee itself, and most recently an online book swapping program designed to save any Penn State Student money in our tough economy.  Next came the main course, The Legal Services and the Tenant Landlord Mediation Center.  These programs, now fully capable, and ready to be an effective aid to student life, await only one thing, money.  President Spanier, and Damon Simms alike were the patrons, wanting to fund student betterment such as this, but not ready to commit to something they did not believe in.  Now Mendoza, and Keirans have prepared a meal, fine enough for a President and Vice President, and they are ready to eat.  

Plaudits to both parties, both student and administrative leaders are thinking progressively for the betterment of student life.  Our University, will be much better off as a whole with the capability to send students to a almost outside source for aid with outside of the academic problems.  I hope I never have to use these services, but I am very pleased to know that there is a helping hand there if I need it.

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