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New Concerns With New Ticket Distribution Problem

With Penn State Football going to the Rose Bowl, for the first time since 1994, and Our First BCS bowl game since 2005 there obviously is going to be a tremendous problem, when trying to figure out how to distribute the limited number of student tickets that will be allocated to the student body.

“Several factors, including student safety, class attendance and the number of tickets allotted to students, were taken into consideration by Penn State to determine how to sell student tickets for the Nittany Lion’s Rose Bowl appearance on Jan. 1, a university official said Sunday.

It was announced last week that students must log on to GoPSUSports.com as early as 6:30 a.m. Saturday to find out where the tickets will be sold at 8 a.m. Tickets for Penn State’s third appearance in the Rose Bowl cost $145 each. Students may purchase up to two tickets.

“The allocation of tickets will go much more quickly this way, and it really does not justify setting up an entire sale online,” said Greg Myford, associate athletic director of marketing and communication. “Also, the short time that we have available, we anticipate a quick turnaround.”

The Saturday sale was decided so as not to interfere with classes, Myford said.

“In the past, we did the sale on a weekday and students skipped classes, obviously something we are trying to avoid, especially heading into finals,” he said.

He also cited the cold as a reason for holding off on announcing the location of the sale.

At this time of year, the university is worried students camping out would become unnecessarily ill, he said.”

The Administration, particularly the Athletics Office, has created a very practical, and easy process.  They are in a sense helping students out by not requiring them to waste a lot of their time “out in the cold” but they are also concerned about health as well.  Also this process can really weed out those people who may not be interested in going to the game, but profiting off of the ticket scalping capabilities.  The Administration has done a wonderful job so far, and if nothing goes wrong this plan for ticket distribution should be an overwhelming success!

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