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Greeks Need To Stay On

Greeks need to stay on as executive for THON! No questions asked.

“IFC President-elect Luke Pierce introduced a one and a half page document detailing the policy for the creation of Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Dance Marathon committee. The committee will be formed to examine the AVP positions, which were recently brought into the spotlight when Thon officials proposed moving them off of the Thon overall committee.

The committee will consist of ten members appointed by the IFC and PHC presidents and executive vice presidents, according to the document. Committee members must have “expert knowledge about Thon” and “the ability to think simultaneously objectively and progressively about the issues surrounding the uncertainty of the future of the Thon Greek Overall Chairpersons.”

The IFC plans to explore the positions and discuss areas for growth, Pierce (junior-economics) said. It should be a call to action to the greek community, he added.

“Many people are seeing this as an attack on the greek community,” Pierce said. “People need to look at this as an opportunity for us to show the community that we can step up and improve these positions with creative and innovative ideas.”

The committee seats will be filled by Jan. 14, 2009, and the committee will be required to submit two reports, in writing, to the President’s Council on Jan. 20 and Feb. 3, according to the policy. The first report should include information about initial findings and comment on the progress of the committee while the second report should include a direct plan of action, according to the document.

Former Daily Collegian staff member and PHC President-elect Mairys Joaquin said the councils do not want to keep pushing back the issue.

“Yeah, it’s a time crunch but we can’t waste any time,” Joaquin (junior-journalism) said. “We want to have this resolved by Thon 2009 because it shouldn’t be about the drama, it’s taking away from the main focus, which is Thon.”

The plan will make the roles a lot more vital and at the same time benefit Thon, Joaquin said. Bringing together more minds to discuss the positions will help the situation more, she added.”

Greeks need to be in a prominent role while THON is still functioning.  Do to some past in mistakes, THON is a University affiliated event.  The greeks not only need to re-assert themselves in this battle, but need to reclaim THON as their own and take back what is rightfully theirs.  Luke Pierce appears to be poised for greatness, and I think that under his tutelage, greatness is destined for the Greek Community.

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