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The Phi Delt Saga Continues: Today, A House Fire

The Phi Delta Theta saga continues today with news that a house fire has forced the students out of the former fraternity. Most, if not all, are moving to Eastview Terrace in housing provided at no cost by the administration. This is the second fraternity house fire in recent weeks.

With the students now physically out of the house, the administration’s argument for aquiring the property will become even stronger. After all, ostensibly if the University owns the property, such things won’t happen. (Of course, if the University does aquire the house, nothing will happen there, because they plan to demolish the historic home.)

It’s a shame that this home, built by students during the presidency of our beloved George Atherton, is now likely to fall into the hands of an administration that has demonstrated little regard years for preserving the physical aspects of our campus heritage.

Remember the unceremonious destruction of the park benches on the Mall, which were a Senior Gift of the Class of 1900? Remember to destruction of the Old Creamery in order to create a new, greener seating area? Soon, we may sadly add the Phi Delta Theta house to this list.

Safeguard Old State has, since the beginning of this controversy, called for the preservation of the house, regardless of who owns the property or which fraternity occupies the building. It should be renovated by either its alumni or the administration, and it should remain a fraternity home for future generations.

Will anyone stand up for this landmark?

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