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The Phi Delt Saga Continues: Today, A House Fire

The Phi Delta Theta saga continues today with news that a house fire has forced the students out of the former fraternity. Most, if not all, are moving to Eastview Terrace in housing provided at no cost by the administration. This is the second fraternity house fire in recent weeks. With the students now physically […]

Response To Collegian: State Patty’s ‘Lacks Relevance’?

The Daily Collegian ran a scathing attack earlier this week on State Patty’s Day, a student-created tradition which has provided an alternative spring celebration for the past three years. Since that time, tens of thousands of Penn Staters have participated in the holiday, joining Facebook groups and buying t-shirts to show their pride. State Patty’s […]

A Closer Look At The State College ‘Tap Tax’

The State College Borough Council has been making headlines recently in The Daily Collegian for its proposed ten percent tax on “poured drinks” in downtown bars. The usual reactions, some for and some against, have been documents in the pages of our newspaper. Yet, when we cut out all the rhetoric, what is this tax […]

Spanier’s Non-Response To The Canyon Riot of 2008

President Graham Spanier wrote a short letter on the riot after the Ohio State victory to the student body earlier this week, distributed through the Penn State Student Newswire. After reading Penn State Student Body President Gavin Keirans’ throughout, provocative and engaging editorial on the riot published earlier this week in the Centre Daily Times, […]

Spanier: ‘Lean’ Budgets For Thee, Not Me

The Centre Daily Times reported earlier this week on President Graham Spanier’s remarks at the most recent meeting of the University Faculty Senate. In an unsurprising move, Mr. Spanier warned of buget shortfalls and the need for academic departments to further tighten the belt. Centre Daily Times – Lean Years Ahead, Spanier Warns – Oct. […]

Mr. Spanier: Are These Activists ‘Misguided’ Too?

President Graham Spanier has been roundly criticized over the past week for his column in the widely respected higher education news magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Mr. Spanier’s article, “Is Campus Activism Dead – Or Just Misguided?” specifically condemns sweatshop protest groups at Penn State. The type of activism Mr. Spanier would apparently like […]

Response: Penn Staters Pride Rests In Knowledge

Dennis Jordan, Class of 2007, wrote in The Daily Collegian today a letter to the editor in regard to Safeguard Old State’s most recent campaign, “For The Glory … Know The Words,” which promoted knowledge of the Penn State Fight Song lyrics to a new generation of Penn Staters. For the record, we wanted to […]

Professor Slams Spanier Over ‘Chronicle’ Article

Penn State President Graham Spanier wrote an article for the most recent issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, titled “Is Campus Activism Dead – Or Just Misguided?” Mr. Spanier’s column has already drawn criticsm from United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) at Penn State, who feel they have been unfairly targeted on a national level. […]

‘The Education Blob Expands’

National Review Online posts a blog entry today that perfectly summarizes what we here at Safeguard Old State often complain about at Penn State… the idea of “the beuarcracy growing to meet the growing needs of the beaurcracy.” Regardless of the politics of this particular example, there’s no denying that many positions that exist today […]

Excess: Penn State’s Electric Motorcycles

Few news items could more perfectly sum up the culture of excess that plagues higher education than the recent announcement by Penn State University Police that they have acquired two new electric motorcycles. Touting the decision to buy the motorcycles for police patrols on campus, the press announcement mentions that they “run nearly silently” and […]