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The Clock Is Ticking: Student Activity Fee Transparency

Dr. Stanley Latta promised us at Safeguard Old State in May that the Student Activity Fee Board (SAFB) would be soon be publicized on Penn State’s Office of Student Affairs website. The SAFB, of course, is where much of the debate over the controversial “Student Facilities Fee” took place, before President Spanier pushed the fee […]

Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson, a well known “creativity expert” speaks at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Conference from a few years ago on the idea that our school systems are profoundly mistaken in their methods of education. In this video, Sir Robinson seeks to make the case for “creating an education system that nurtures, rather […]

‘Encampment:’ UPUA Rediscovers A Tradition

The University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) has rediscovered a tradition of years past at Penn State. It’s called “Encampment,” and it was held as an informal gathering of students, faculty, administrators, townspeople and others in the community as a way to foster healthy relationships and friendships among peers. Last Wednesday, the UPUA voted unanimously to […]

Should Penn State Sign The Amethyst Initiative?

The Daily Collegian last week printed a surprising editorial, urging President Graham Spanier to sign on to The Amethyst Initiative. The Amethyst Initiative, a hot button issue in the national news over the past few weeks, is a program of Choose Responsibly, a non-profit focused on the idea that Americans need to rethink the drinking […]

Centre Daily Times Triumphs Over Banyan Homes Dispute

Safeguard Old State first reported in November on a dispute between Banyan Homes and the Centre Daily Times over alleged defamation by reporter Jennifer Thomas, who teaches at Penn State under her married name, Jennifer Bosak. The story of the lawsuit spread to other local blogs, including Penn State On The Record. If nothing else, […]

The Mifflin Streak: Time To ‘Legalize’ This Tradition?

The Centre Daily Times recently reported on the fallout from The 2008 Mifflin Streak and Pete Bosak, their police & crime reporter has suggested on his blog that it may be time to “legalize the Mifflin Streak.” Safeguard Old State and its leadership are criticized from time to time for, as one detractor recently put […]

‘Student Activities:’ What’s In A Name?

I received an e-mail earlier this week from administrators at Penn State in Student Affairs that unintentionally underscored the unimaginative thinking that is crippling our administrators and inflating the operating budgets of our University. As President & General Manager of The LION 90.7fm, I receive updates on the “President’s Listserv” for all student groups at […]

Voices of Central Pennsylvania on the Student Facilities Fee

Voices of Central Pennsylvania, the leading indepedent newspaper in Centre County, reports on the passage of the Student Facilities Fee in its June issue. The article is a good summation of the debacle that is the Student Facilities Fee, from the opposition from student leaders in the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) to the decision […]

The Means & Ends: The New Health Services Building

The Centre Daily Times reported earlier this week on the completed University Health Services building, which will replace Ritenour in less than ten days. I think Penn Staters can universally agree that the Ritenour building was not large enough for the needs of modern health service on our campus. Certainly, something needed to be done, […]

Why Is The Student Activity Fee Subsidizing Gym Costs?

Upon logging into Penn State’s Fitness Department’s website earlier today to buy my summer fitness membership (which allows me access to three different on-campus gyms) I was greeted by a message that both surprised and frustrated me. Unbeknownst to me, our student activity fee dollars are now being funneled into support the operation of the […]