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An Open Letter of Warning: Dangers Facing The Daily Collegian

Dear Collegian, Hats off to you. I extend the hand of friendship from me to you on a personal level–not as the President of The LION 90.7 FM (although we’re faithful readers), not as co-director of PSU Stop! (although we owe you a lot for making our presence known), not as the musician from The […]

An Open Letter To Mr. Bundy And Mr. Chamberlin On UPUA

Dear Mr. Bundy and Mr. Chamberlin, You’ve each met me more than once. Mr. Bundy, we’ve had a couple chance encounters—I think you were high each time—and then an interesting and mildly frustrating radio interview during which your cell phone rang not once, but three times. (I haven’t held it against you.) Mr. Chamberlin, I’ve […]

Failure Of UPUA To Demonstrate Mandate Constitutes Huge Win For USG, Supporters Of Legitimate Student Government

UPUA elections. Wow. I can’t really think straight after the non-stop action of the evening. I’m out of breath! I’m hyperventilating! I’m… A terrible liar. I can’t think of anything more underwhelming than a turnout like tonight’s. Let’s rewind to half a year ago, when Nick Stathes was elected President of the Undergraduate Student Government […]

An Open Letter From Brandon W. Peach, The LION 90.7fm Pres.

What the hell are you doing? So we’ve got this great website. PSU Stop!, yay, and let’s all cheer for student representation. Let’s pow-wow together in our little conservative circle, let’s get our friends to read the blog, let’s thank Tom Shakely for the work he’s done. While we’re at it, we might leave comments […]