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ARHS, UPAC Elections ‘Disappointing’

I think the headline says it all, but for more information, you can read this piece from The Daily Collegian. Our good friend Ian Brown writes: About 300 students voted in last night’s residence area government/University Park Allocations Committee elections, an election official said — 600 less people than last year’s election. “I’ll be honest […]

Mayor Welch Opens The Lines Of Communication

According to a story in the today’s issue of The Daily Collegian, Mayor Bill Welch and other county leaders held a question-and-answer session with members of the Penn State student community last night. Staffer Ian Brown writes: The questions touched on a broad array of topics, but most focused on the issue of alcohol use […]

Mayor Welch: Student Action ‘Often Linked To Weather’

A relatively interesting piece about the history of student activism in today’s issue of The Daily Collegian contained a number of rather far-fetched assumptions and opinions, mostly credited to State College Mayor Bill Welch. A portion of the article: State College Mayor Bill Welch, who has lived in the area for more than 60 years, […]

Breaking: Bill Mahon Is Movin’ On Up

Assistant Vice President for University Relations and Department of Public Relations Director Bill Mahon has been given a new title: vice president for University Relations, according to Penn State Live. We all know Mahon as one of the usual suspects, Graham Spanier’s spokesperson, Penn State point man on alcohol abuse, and great apologist for the […]

Administration Steers Clear Of Student Government Merger (But Probably Not For Long)

The Daily Collegian reported yesterday that Penn State’s administration is going to keep its distance from the merger of the University Park Undergraduate Association and the Undergraduate Student Government. According to the article, the folks in Old Main “don’t have an interest” in the dealings of the advocacy group. If that’s true, then why was […]

Political Science Association Ignores Republican Candidates In Discussion

All right, so I’m being a bit sensationalist. Maybe there’s something that just isn’t coming through with this article, but apparently the Penn State Political Science Association is trying to predict who will win the 2008 presidential election primaries (a year ahead of time) … but ignoring the Republican race. According to The Daily Collegian, […]

Penn State Employees To Pay For Fiscal Irresponsibility?

According to The Daily Collegian, Penn State President Graham Spanier will seek to balance the budget by laying off employees if the state doesn’t allocate more funding to the university. Some excerpts from the article: According to Spanier’s testimony, if state appropriations to Penn State’s agricultural program are not increased, layoffs in the department may […]

Graham Spanier Begs Before The House

Once again, Penn State President Graham Spanier went before the House Committee on Appropriation, requesting more funding to offset tuition hikes. Spanier doesn’t believe that the 1.6 percent increase that Governor Ed Rendell proposed mere weeks ago is going to cut it (well, I don’t either, but that’s beside the point).

A few thoughts on Thon 2007…

At PSU Stop, we often shine our Headlights of Justice on areas that need improvement at Penn State University.  But it’s also important that we take time to recognize what makes our university so special and so dear to us.  When all is said and done, regardless of student marginalization or the elimination of traditions, […]

Is UPUA ready to hold elections?

According to an article today in The Daily Collegian, the University Park Undergraduate Association is planning on holding spring elections for all of its offices. UPUA, an administration-implemented student advocacy group to rival the underfunded and under-appreciated Undergraduate Student Government, held its first election this past fall. We all remember how that turned out: after […]