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Greeks Need To Stay On

Greeks need to stay on as executive for THON! No questions asked. “IFC President-elect Luke Pierce introduced a one and a half page document detailing the policy for the creation of Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Dance Marathon committee. The committee will be formed to examine the AVP positions, which were recently brought into the spotlight when Thon […]

Drinking Tax Won’t Solve Drinking “Problem”

The State College Borough Council is proposing a tax on “poured drinks” in our shared town.  Before I delve into the many flaws in this plan, I will quote The Daily Collegian: “”We all want it,” Council President Elizabeth Goreham said. “This is our dream tax.” In its capacity as a member of the University-Community […]

New Concerns With New Ticket Distribution Problem

With Penn State Football going to the Rose Bowl, for the first time since 1994, and Our First BCS bowl game since 2005 there obviously is going to be a tremendous problem, when trying to figure out how to distribute the limited number of student tickets that will be allocated to the student body. “Several […]

A New Day For The Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee, one of the more secret funds here at Penn State, as in we do not know exactly where our money is going, is turning a new leaf.  It is becoming progressive, it is thinking, well not it but the persons who should and now the persons who are in charge of […]

Tis The Season

As I get colder and colder on my way to Deike Building,  I notice something else, the fraternity houses decorated to the “T”.  Call me what you will, but if you are christian, jewish, muslim, whatever, you have to appreciate the symbolism. “Christmas lights created a smiley face outlining windows, a Nittany Lion on the bushes […]

Greeks Belong At Helm Of Thon

The Greeks, do many things very well, one of the things they do very well, is philanthropy.  Say what you will about the “Animal House” mentality, the Greeks are way more then that.  It is embarrassing to even hear that there is discussion about removing greeks from the over all positions of THON.  “Discussions among two greek […]

Spanier May Leave

According to “prominent democrats,” President Spanier may be in consideration for the cabinet of Barack Obama.   “”Prominent Democrats” have named Penn State President Graham Spanier a potential pick for President-elect Barack Obama’s Secretary of Education, according to an early report by a Washington political journalist. “When you talk to Democrats in Washington, they mention […]

The Administration Plays The Bully Again

As usual, the administration, is playing the bully card to a T.  They have decided to file a lawsuit to force the state to transfer the deed, of the house of former fraternity Phi Delta Theta, to the university.   “Penn State filed a lawsuit last week requesting the court transfer the premises of the […]

Why Are The Lights On In The Law School

The New Dickinson School of Law Building, has been beautifully constructed, designed, etc.  It however is not yet open.  No students, have entered the building yet, to gain any form of knowledge. Why then, are the lights on all night.  Last friday, at the board of trustees meeting, the trustees, voted to increase rates for […]

As The Elms Die, Opportunity Is Born

With the loss of such another staple on our campus, one that harkened back to the Penn State of old, a new opportunity is born.  The elm trees, which unfortunately are diseased beyond rescue are being cut down, we can bring back another tradition. There was once a willow tree that graced our campus.  When […]