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As reported minutes ago by SOS members on Radio Free Penn State on The Lion 90.7FM: according to PSU Live, the threat of media fiasco sprouting out of the Facebook frenzy and the Safeguard Old State rally has pushed PSU into backing off their ridiculous decision for the student ticket lottery for football tickets. The […]


The students of Safeguard Old State bring you Rally Against the Ticket Lottery, 12:00p.m.-1p.m., Thursday, May 2, 2007 at Old Main Lawn. The Facebook group and event are growing at astronomical rates (and PSUSOURCE has done a great job with the petition), and we expect turnout to be high.  Assuming Old Main doesn’t stop us […]

Jake Keefe Gets It All Wrong

We gotta start setting these people straight. They have no idea what they are taking about. I mean, someone who is majoring in history should be able to get down the recent history of the institution at which he matriculates. But my ranting will go unnoticed and will be wholly useless, because he is not […]

What Can Be Said of Penn State’s Board of Trustees?

Cynthia Baldwin, the chairwoman of Penn State’s Board of Trustees, rebuked students in the fall looking to represent student opinion at these open trustees meetings by saying, “There are other avenues to address your concerns.” By saying this, Baldwin shows her unfortunate misunderstanding of The Pennsylvania State University.  Instead of fulfilling her mission of protecting […]

PSU Student Groups Lose Right To Appeal Violations To Peers

The Daily Collegian reports on two horrifying events that took place yesterday: USG lost its seat on Faculty Senate, sort of and students officially have lost the rights to appeal alleged violations to a group of their peers. Faculty Senate, without allowing any student input, has decided to remove USG Academic Assembly (AA) President Ricardo […]

‘The Students Were No Match For The Machiavellian Spanier’

Though Left of Centre featured this post over a month ago, to date it’s one of the greatest (and shortest) documentations of the Penn State administration’s hypocrisy towards students and shared governance. In September of 2004, Vice President of Student Affairs Vicky Triponey was singing USG’s praises. By November, as Left of Centre explains, relations […]

President Stathes Suggests Plotting by Student Affairs on Paternoville

Minutes ago, USG President Stathes suggested on The Lion 90.7FM‘s flagship public affairs show, Radio Free Penn State, that the university knows they made a mistake in regulating Paternoville and will invite UPUA to “fix” it by recommending solutions suggested by administrators. He followed up by saying, “I hope I’m wrong,” explaining that he hopes […]

UPUA Elections Today — Who Will Your Vote Support?

As you probably know, UPUA elections are today. Does this mean the beginning of the end of student representation and shared governance at Penn State? It depends on who you ask. I imagine last night there were various reactions to the impending elections. While many groups may be celebrating, others are continuing to do what […]

The Day Penn State Died

The Day Penn State Died may become a recurring column. It looks to examine worst case scenarios of what might happen if the administrative onslaught continues unchecked. This inaugural column is brief, but lists in broad terms what many students have forecasted since the administration began its advancement (first battle: The Lion 90.7fm, student radio). […]

This Day in The Daily Collegian: 10/5/06

We will continue the daily analysis of Collegian articles up through the coming elections. Today, Lauren Boyer wrote a nice followup to Bundy’s befuddled appeals process. President Nick Stathes put it correctly when he said the situation was “laughable.” USG has always had a student-centered process for appeals through the Supreme Court. UPUA, on the […]