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CDT Reader Reaction To The ‘Student Facilities Fee’

We’re cross-posting the Centre Daily Times reader reaction to the Sat., May 17 article PSU Trustees Approve Facilities Fee. Since the Centre Daily Times unfortunately does not keep a living archive of its articles, we wanted to document the community reaction to this fee here for posterity on Safeguard Old State. What a shocker. This […]

The Admin’s New Idea: The ‘Student Activities & Facilities Fee’

So, after a few weeks of heavy coverage here on Safeguard Old State, it seems like people across the campus at University Park are finally picking up on things. Last Thursday UPUA President Gavin Keirans put the idea of a facilities fee to a vote of the UPUA Assembly of Representatives. In UPUA, the facilities […]

The Student Activity Fee Board? Hey, What’s That?

…At least, that’s the response you’re likely to hear from administrators when you ask who controls the Student Activity Fee. You see, the Office of Student Affairs at Penn State operates an Orwellian-style advisory board that controls our Student Activity Fee (SAF). That board, of course, is the “Student Activity Fee Board” (SAFB). This advisory […]

SOS: ‘Student Facilities Fee’ Interview On PSN-TV

Safeguard Old State Executive Director Thomas A. Shakely will be appearing this week in an exclusive interview with the Pennsylvania State Television Network (PSN-TV), discussing the administration’s plans to implement the Student Facilities Fee. The ten minute interview will be airing on PSN-TV this Tuesday, April 8 at 10:30pm. PSN-TV is only available for on-campus […]

Reader Response: Thoughts On The Student Facilities Fee

A friend of Safeguard Old State recently e-mailed us with the following observations on the impending “Student Facilities Fee” that Vice President for Student Affairs Gail Hurley and Associate Vice President Stan Latta have announced will be coming to tuition bills near you as early as this summer or fall. We believe President Spanier is […]

No Other Choice: Gavin Keirans the only option for UPUA President

Gavin Keirans and Valarie Russell represent the only choice for UPUA President and Vice President. Vote today at vote.psu.edu       

Right On: Penn State Parent Speaks Up on New Tax

The Daily Collegian today features a letter from a concerned Penn State parent who condemns the administration’s newly unveiled “facilities” tax that’s going to be implemented by Fall 2008. The “Student Facilities Fee”, which was uncovered recently by Safeguard Old State, will cost students an addition $200 per year despite the fact that no new […]

The Corner Pocket Report

The following is a report written by Executive Director Gavin Keirans on how to revamp The Corner Pocket in the HUB-Robeson Center.

The ‘Student Facilities Fee’: Undemocratic & Unnecessary

Safeguard Old State was first informed of a new administration-conceived tax on the student body on in early March, and have been able to obtain more information over the course of this week. I can speak for all of us when I say we’re pleased to see both the Centre Daily Times and The Daily […]

Student Infighting: That Was The Plan

As Spring Break 2008 looms, an unexpected frost as fallen on campus. The Daily Collegian today reports a rise among infighting and the potential for internicene beauracractic wars begining again on campus within the realm of Student Affairs. This is something that certain administrators, no doubt, will work to subtley encourage. Allow us to explain. […]