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The March Toward Transparency

The Associated Press reported (and TDC followed up) that Penn State would be required to release the salaries of Joe Paterno and other top administrators. This decision of the Commonwealth Court represents the culmination of a case that has been going through the Pennsylvania legal system since 2002 when the Harrisburg Patriot News requested the […]

UPUA Constitution Meeting: Disaster

Last night I attended a meeting of the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) to vote on an important resolution regarding the body’s governing document, the Constitution. As is well documented, last year UPUA tried to amend its own constitution and succeeded in passing a revised Constitution by a vote of 25-0-1. However, an administratively-run external […]

PSU Plans Change… Without Student Input

Opening up this year’s first issue of The Daily Collegian was an article entitled “Officials mull football ticket changes“. The article discusses possible options including forcing students to swipe their ID cards to enter the games, granting preference to students who attend more games, and forcing students to inform the University of their intent on […]

Penn State #2… In Failing Student Aid

Yesterday The Daily Collegian reported that the Princeton Review ranked Penn State #2 in students dissatisfied with financial aid. As SOS’ Director for University Relations, this ranking troubles me. A bit more troubling however is the fact that many Penn State students still seem to believe that the majority of the blame falls on the […]

DENIED: UPUA Constitutional Amendments Rejected

Independent student representation at Penn State has hit a roadblock once again. Not too long ago, the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA), by a vote of 25-0-1, voted to implement a number of constitutional amendments that would enable the UPUA to function more like a real student government, comparable to its counterparts throughout the Big […]