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Does Penn State University Suppress Freedom?

Why is it that a public institution has the ability to tamper with the very principles this country was founded upon? Penn State has done so by infringing upon our right to free speech and as students here we must acknowledge this before change can occur. The diffusion of knowledge is hinged upon our country’s […]

Tuition: Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Let’s face it, we go to a great university and that comes with costs of being a competitive school. But how high is too high? In 2000, tuition was a little over $3,000 per semester and now it’s over $5,500! Do you want change? Learn about the issues and first and act. There are too […]

Undercover Police At Football Tailgates

Now that I’m 21 I don’t have to be afraid of police when I drink for simply drinking. I can appreciate the purpose they serve in protecting society. But this new position has also given me an advantage to observe the operations of several undercover police this past Saturday when I was tailgating the Notre […]