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The Administration Plays The Bully Again

As usual, the administration, is playing the bully card to a T.  They have decided to file a lawsuit to force the state to transfer the deed, of the house of former fraternity Phi Delta Theta, to the university.   “Penn State filed a lawsuit last week requesting the court transfer the premises of the […]

Why Are The Lights On In The Law School

The New Dickinson School of Law Building, has been beautifully constructed, designed, etc.  It however is not yet open.  No students, have entered the building yet, to gain any form of knowledge. Why then, are the lights on all night.  Last friday, at the board of trustees meeting, the trustees, voted to increase rates for […]

As The Elms Die, Opportunity Is Born

With the loss of such another staple on our campus, one that harkened back to the Penn State of old, a new opportunity is born.  The elm trees, which unfortunately are diseased beyond rescue are being cut down, we can bring back another tradition. There was once a willow tree that graced our campus.  When […]

More Charged In Riots

7 More people have been charged for their participation in the Riots following the PSU OSU victory.  These students are now in the group of 21 who have been charged in connection with the riots.  With the number expected to continue to rise, as the police sift their way through facebook, and other sources of […]

Stan the Snake

Once again, Stan Latta, assistant VP for Residence Life, has snaked his way out of a problem.  He has successfully completed a “bait and switch.”  He in his infinite wisdom, has created another fee, charging the already strapped for cash student groups, more money. He himself, said that the point behind the fee, was to […]

Go See Abagnale

Tonight, go see Frank Abagnale.  He is speaking in the Schwab Auditorium. Between the ages of 16 and 21, Frank Abagnale posed as an airline pilot, an attorney, a college professor and a pediatrician and cashed more than $2 million in fraudulent checks in every U.S. state and 26 foreign countries. At 21, the French […]

Crows Causing Problem, University Hangs Effigy In Tree

We all have ridden the blue and white loops, while not paying any attention to the stop where we get on.  Until we wait at the stop by the Allen Street gates, we now have a problem.  This problem is that there are a bunch of crows sitting in the trees that are using the […]

Collegian Is Wrong, Correction Needed

Today the collegian, who normally puts out a very good product, made a glaring error.  In an editorial published today, Ryan Pfister, passed his opinion on the current system of distribution of the Student Activities Fee, commenting on how he thinks UPAC is the best way of allocating it. He also made commentary on how […]

Spanier Cares About Class Gifts?

Not so long ago, a month or so ago, OPP started demolishing most of the class gift of 1900.  Park benches provided much needed sitting space, on both Pattee Mall, and Old Main mall, the gift of the class of 1900 were quickly and disrespectfully removed.   This is the time of year when the […]

Order is Necessary, so is evidence.

How would we know about any riot if there was not media there to cover it?  There are obvious holes in that argument, however the point is, without the media there would be one less watch dog, one less source keeping the rest of the world honest.  Media, however you view it, good or bad, […]