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Graham Spanier, Editorials & Financial Accountability

The Centre Daily Times recently ran an editorial lauding the Penn State Alumni Association for its recent creation of a $2.1 million dollar fund that will allow for 35 new annual scholarships to be awarded to financially strapped students at the University. Alumni Group Leads By Example (CDT) April 28 — The Penn State Alumni […]

‘Hurley Will Decide:’ The Student Facilities Fee Is Inevitable

The Daily Collegian today confirms what we at Safeguard Old State have been saying for many months now. Neither the Student Activity Fee (SAF) nor student fees in general are controlled by independent, elected, accountable students. Rather, the administration controls and regulates the fee solely: Hurley To Decide On Fee This Week (TDC) — Interim […]

The Admin’s New Idea: The ‘Student Activities & Facilities Fee’

So, after a few weeks of heavy coverage here on Safeguard Old State, it seems like people across the campus at University Park are finally picking up on things. Last Thursday UPUA President Gavin Keirans put the idea of a facilities fee to a vote of the UPUA Assembly of Representatives. In UPUA, the facilities […]

The Student Activity Fee Board? Hey, What’s That?

…At least, that’s the response you’re likely to hear from administrators when you ask who controls the Student Activity Fee. You see, the Office of Student Affairs at Penn State operates an Orwellian-style advisory board that controls our Student Activity Fee (SAF). That board, of course, is the “Student Activity Fee Board” (SAFB). This advisory […]

The ‘Student’ Facilities Fee: Fundamentally Flawed

Safeguard Old State continues its coverage of the impending tax the administrators at Penn State are brazenly seeking to impose upon the student body. The Student Facilities Fee would tax students an additional $200 for the next academic year, and increase each year thereafter. Over the past two weeks, we’ve outlined why the Student Facilities […]

The Student Facilities Fee: Why It’s Happening So Fast

The Student Facilities Fee is being almost frantically pushed by the administration upon the student body, even while most students and parents remain unaware due to a lack of publicity and transparency in the fee process. What’s this fee all about, and why is the administration so desperate to see the Trustees approve it by […]

No Other Choice: Gavin Keirans the only option for UPUA President

Gavin Keirans and Valarie Russell represent the only choice for UPUA President and Vice President. Vote today at vote.psu.edu       

The Corner Pocket Report

The following is a report written by Executive Director Gavin Keirans on how to revamp The Corner Pocket in the HUB-Robeson Center.

The ‘Student Facilities Fee’: Undemocratic & Unnecessary

Safeguard Old State was first informed of a new administration-conceived tax on the student body on in early March, and have been able to obtain more information over the course of this week. I can speak for all of us when I say we’re pleased to see both the Centre Daily Times and The Daily […]

CATA Buses: A Key to Cutting Back DUIs

We all know that close to $500,000 is wasted every year on an ineffective program called Late Night Penn State. Instead of subsidizing the cost of pizza, hot dogs and board games, we subsidize the Centre Area Transportation Authority, or CATA, to offer buses until 4am on Thursday thru Saturday?