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State Patty’s Day: PSU Grassroots, Organic Tradition

With State Patty’s Day 2008 just one day away on March 1, there are doubtless many thousand in our community getting set to celebrate this still unique grassroots student tradition for the second year running. The Catholic Church has moved official celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day to March 15, which falls over our Spring Break […]

Two Years Later: Is the UPUA our Student Voice?

After two years of existence, the UPUA is heading into its third election cycle. While the UPUA is referred to as the Student Voice, has it lived up to that designation.

Proposal: Jose Texidor Should Resume Legal Advising

Mr. Jose Texidor, the former student legal consultant whose position was terminated during the Vicky Triponey era, spoke with Safeguard Old State late last week on the state of student legal representation at Penn State. Mr. Texidor, who teaches a number of classes on crime, law & justice at Penn State, has expressed his interest […]

SOS Advances The Roadmap For Change in Student Affairs

Safeguard Old State is pleased to announce that The Roadmap for Change, first issued in September 2007, continues to be actively advanced within the Office of Student Affairs at Penn State. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been meeting with representatives from Vice President Gail Hurley’s office in Old Main as well as Student Affairs […]

Exclusive: Administration Changes Student Fee Control

Safeguard Old State has received word from a confidential source within the University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC) that a closed door meeting was held roughly 30 minutes ago, and that major changes have been made in the way the Penn State Student Activity Fee (SAF) is governed. What is the Student Activity Fee? The Student […]

My Reponse to the Letter to the Editor

Jim Coder, a senior who plans to work at NASA, decided to directly attack me in the paper. It is extremely disappointing to see someone make their arguments personal rather than about the issues at hand. I am happy to educate Jim about the work of Safeguard Old State so that he better understands what […]

Safeguard Old State Sponsors ‘State Patty’s Day’ 2008

www.StatePattysDay.org Dear Penn State family, I hope the spring semester is off to a strong start for you. Spring marks a time of tradition at Penn State, as events that are embedded in the Penn State culture occur. THON as well as Blue and White weekend are the traditionally known events of the spring. However, […]

Why Safeguard Old State & How We Fight for the Glory

Welcome to another semester at Penn State University. For those of you returning to our site as regular readers and supporters, we thank you deeply for your continued readership and involvement. If this is your first time to the site, we’re excited to explain our mission and purpose to you, so that you may in […]

What will become of State Patty’s Day?

The holiday tradition which came about last year in response to St. Patty’s Day occurring during Spring Break, is now in jeopardy of not coming back for a Second year. The tradition which originated through Facebook, now has students fighting over when the date shall be held.

E-Lion to go Real Time

Due to the efforts of Penn State students, specifically CCSG Vice President George Khoury, students will now be able to schedule classes in real time. While the final kinks are being tested, this could become a reality by next Fall.