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What Is The ‘Residential College Movement’?

As I was reading an article on Minding the Campus a few weeks ago, I found a group called The Collegiate Way, which, in its own words, “seeks to improve campus life by creating small, faculty-led residential colleges within large universities.” The Collegiate Way even claims to be “the leading resource on the worldwide residential […]

The Chronicle: ‘Can Small Be Beautiful?’

Stan Katz wrote a very worthwhile post over at The Chronicle of Higher Education’s blog. He highlights the unstopping campus construction at nearly every major university and essentially asks, “to what end?” He also questions whether one of the fundamental goals of a real University — to form and train the minds of the youth […]

Only In The Twilight Zone: A ‘Symbolic’ Blue-White Bill

So, according to The Daily Collegian, this past weekend’s Blue-White game festivities ended up resulting in a sharp spike in crime across the borough. The State College Police Department fielded hundreds of calls over the course of the first major football-related weekend of the year. Weekend Sees Increase In Local Crime, Accidents (TDC) — Visitors […]

Borough, What Happened To ‘Tightened Bonds’?

When the newly elected members of the State College Borough Council came into office earlier this year, they quickly moved to reach out publicly to the student population, and to, as The Daily Collegian phrased it, “tighten bonds” with Penn Staters here in Happy Valley. Now, over two months after they stated their intentions, have […]

SOS: ‘Student Facilities Fee’ Interview On PSN-TV

Safeguard Old State Executive Director Thomas A. Shakely will be appearing this week in an exclusive interview with the Pennsylvania State Television Network (PSN-TV), discussing the administration’s plans to implement the Student Facilities Fee. The ten minute interview will be airing on PSN-TV this Tuesday, April 8 at 10:30pm. PSN-TV is only available for on-campus […]

Does The Rotunda Rally Violate Activity Fee Rules?

I wrote earlier this week about the recent Rally in the Rotunda that happens every spring in Harrisburg. Unfortunately, the rally is virtually meaningless, due to the fact that the state legislators are looking for more budgetary transparency from the administration at Penn State before they’ll consider allocating more taxpayer dollars to the University. Andy […]

Rally Demands More Funds, No Accountability

Penn Staters from all campuses traveled to Harrisburg yesterday for the annual Rally in the Rotunda. Organized by the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG) at Penn State, the rally is designed to increase awareness of the very real burdens that impacting our students across Pennsylvania. Rally Held To Request Funding (TDC) — Standing outside […]

CATA Buses: A Key to Cutting Back DUIs

We all know that close to $500,000 is wasted every year on an ineffective program called Late Night Penn State. Instead of subsidizing the cost of pizza, hot dogs and board games, we subsidize the Centre Area Transportation Authority, or CATA, to offer buses until 4am on Thursday thru Saturday?

Cabinet of Student Leaders (COSL): Reform or Die

The Cabinet of Student Leaders, or COSL, is an informal network of student leadership at Penn State University. COSL has a long and infamous history as an organization that was supposed to be about social peer networking, but which historically has been used by the administration as an official advisory group — the Vice President […]

Want to Rock The Vote? Bring in MUSIC

This past Saturday, I had a chance to interview the politically driven band State Radio before their show at LuLu’s. I stayed around for the show as well, and what I found was a band who could truly Rock The Vote.