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VP of Student Affairs Candidates to Meet Today

SOS has received word that the newest candidates for the VP position will be in town today.

Power in the Tax

This past Monday, I attended the Borough Council Meeting. One thing that I heard, really got my attention. Apparently students do have a major economic impact.

Collegian Agrees with SOS, UPUA

A recent topic of interest here at Safeguard Old State has been a fresh, dare we say “student-centered” approach to fostering a culture of responsible alcohol consumption by Penn State students. Along those same lines, members of UPUA’s Legal Affairs division have reinvigorated debate over PSU’s refusal to enact a sensible medical amnesty policy. SOS […]

Medical Amnesty Address

UPUA Legal Affairs, led by Matt Lachman is pushing a policy that would offer Amnesty from Underage Citations for those in need of medical attention. The only problem is that the university is not O.K. with offering amnesty to those in need of attention. Cornell Understands it, Why not Penn State?

Safeguard Old State Responds to State Patty’s Day Critics

In response to the concerns of local State College and Penn State University officials, as expressed to the campus newspaper The Daily Collegian, about Safeguard Old State’s plan to assist in nurturing the new, organically-grown student tradition of State Patty’s Day, SOS delivered the following message to prominent leaders from both sides of College Avenue. […]

Why Not A Student Mayor?

The current Mayor of State College, Bill Welsh will have his term end in 2009, In a borough where in student dominated districts there are over 10,000 students registered to vote, I ask why not a student for Mayor. Collegian Picks up story- Student Mayor.

State Patty’s Day: Honor This Student Tradition

We’ve all heard that “Happy Valley is a drinking town with a football problem.”

The Makings of Success

Once upon a time, Penn State’s news source was not the elite brand that it is today. However due to support and dedication, Penn State now has one of the leading sources of news in The Daily Collegian. This proves it takes time to build up an effective organization.

Truth: We Are Uniting Penn State

Safeguard Old State has been in action in a huge way all throughout this past semester. We began as a modest blogging initiative in the spring of 2006, originally for the purpose of safeguarding the now defunct Undergraduate Student Government (USG). Since that time, we’ve evolved and our mission has taken shape with SOS having […]

Anti-Student Bias In The Borough?

I spoke at last Monday night’s State College Borough Council meeting on the issue of anti-discrimination laws in our community. The borough council is discussing the coming implementation of broader anti-discrimination laws based on one’s gender identity and marital status. I spoke out on behalf of Safeguard Old State, calling for one’s student status to […]