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Spanier: Ruining Our Drinking Culture

“Responsible Marketing?” Responsible marketing is cigarette companies putting a giant warning label on their product to say they contain cancer causing ingredients. Or McDonald’s putting “Hot Coffee!” labels their hot coffee lids so that no one can spill it on themselves and sue for inordinate amounts of money. Responsible marketing is not downtown bars changing […]

One ‘Old Main’ We Feel Sorry Over

We’re talking about the Old Main Frame Shop, of course, which experienced heavy damage this past weekend after a basement fire erupted, threatening to destroy the store and adjacent buildings. Thankfully, local firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze. Safeguard Old State is deeply sorry to hear about the unfortunate events that (temporarily) have put […]

More Alcohol On Campus

We thought we would never see the day! The Centre Daily Times reported in an article last week that Penn State is applying to get its liquor license coverage extended from the pub inside of the Nittany Lion Inn to Cafe Laura, a co curricular dining environment in a nearby building that’s operated by the […]

The Collaboration: Student Groups Unite

A few organizations led by SPA, UPUA and Safeguard Old State are in the process of laying the foundation for a website to be used by all student group in order to collaborate.

Hit Me with Music: BJC Concert Edition

The Bryce Jordan Center has failed to put on mainstream concerts in the last few years. Here is a question to think about, if 100 thousand dollars is spent for an Akon concert, then why not instead pay the big bucks for a mainstream concert that people will actually attend.

Cinema 5 To Close Downtown

The Daily Collegian reports on something that anyone following the story of the downtown business situation should have seen coming. Carmike Cinema 5 will be closing its doors and shutting its screens for good at the end of this semester. Downtown State College will no longer possess a dedicated movie theater. Instead, students will need […]

Pi Kappa Alpha: Double Jeopardy?

Not for Judicial Affairs on campus, at least. In the case of the recent YouTube video embarrassment at Penn State’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, there has been nearly universal condemnation of those involved and the fraternity itself.Obviously, it’s a black mark on the face of the University. That being said, though, the fraternity still has […]

The I-80 Disaster & Our Borough

We don’t often discuss matters that are not exclusive to the Happy Valley community here on The Borough Blog, but today’s it’s come time to address a statewide matter that will affect all residents of Centre County and the student community in State College, particularly. Citizens express doubts for I-80 highway future (TDC) — The […]

Polling Prejudice

Recent complaints have been filed about Enrique Ortiz, College Democrats President for his polling practices. Look further though as this is an obvious attempt to stifle student participation.

Borough Council: A New Era?

Tomorrow is election day. According to the Centre Daily Times in an article late last week, this election has the potential to usher in a new era in local politics. There are a few seats up for grabs due to term limits that have been imposed on current council members, and there are a slew […]