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NPR: Are College Degrees A Waste Of Money?

Talk of the Nation on National Public Radio recently featured a rather provocative interview with Marty Nemko, Contributing Editor to U.S. News & World Report. Nemko penned an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education this month titled “America’s Most Overrated Product: The Bachelor’s Degree.” Are College Degrees a Waste of Money? (NPR) May 12, […]

The Mifflin Streak: Reaction on Radio Free Penn State

If you read the Centre Daily Times, you’ll have no doubt seen the story published yesterday on the result of the annual student tradition called the “Mifflin Streak,” wherein dozens of students strip and sprint down Mifflin Road on campus to celebrate the end of the academic year, as a few thousand of their peers […]

Penn State Film Students Unite Against Censorship

I may not know as much about “strict libertarian philosophy” as Penn State College Libertarian President Alex Weller, but I do know when my voice is being censored and my free expression rights as an artist are trampled. Recently, the Student Film Organization at Penn State put together its annual student film festival, which will […]

Are You Having Trouble Hearing, Old Main?

I had the pleasure on Tuesday of stopping by the USAS/SLAP rally outside old main, while several people I know were part of the sit-in on the second floor of Old Main. Sweatshop labor and Workers’ Rights are tremendously complicated issues, and I strongly encourage all of you to do some research and try to […]

The Commonwealth Fdn: Abolish The PLCB

The Commonwealth Foundation published an forceful rebuke of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) and called for a free market solution to alcohol distribution earlier this week. At Penn State, there’s obviously a strong drinking tradition, and while some in the administration would have you believe the answer is more control and ever greater regulation […]

Flashback: The ‘Voices of ’69’: The Struggle for Penn State

Earlier this semester, “ha-mace”, the anonymous blogger who writes for the Penn State “College OTR” blog, published a story highlighting a documentary made years ago called “Voices of ’69: The Struggle for Penn State.” The documentary is a unique look back into campus activism of the past at our University. After watching this documentary, which […]

Reader Response: Thoughts On The Student Facilities Fee

A friend of Safeguard Old State recently e-mailed us with the following observations on the impending “Student Facilities Fee” that Vice President for Student Affairs Gail Hurley and Associate Vice President Stan Latta have announced will be coming to tuition bills near you as early as this summer or fall. We believe President Spanier is […]

Right On: Penn State Parent Speaks Up on New Tax

The Daily Collegian today features a letter from a concerned Penn State parent who condemns the administration’s newly unveiled “facilities” tax that’s going to be implemented by Fall 2008. The “Student Facilities Fee”, which was uncovered recently by Safeguard Old State, will cost students an addition $200 per year despite the fact that no new […]

Student Against Sweatshops Respond to Spanier’s Letter

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by the Penn State United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) and Student Labor Action Project (SLAP). Safeguard Old State has published this letter to act as an open forum to spur needed public discourse on this subject, though we take no official stance on the issue of so-called sweatshop […]

Letter Recalls Triponey’s Tactics

Although Penn State students do not yet have full and direct control over their Student Activity Fee, they moved a step closer recently with the dissolution of the unnecessary (and illegal) Fee Allocation Board.  In a letter to the Daily Collegian’s Opinion page, former Graduate Student Association president Brian Borawski issued a stark reminder of […]