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The past few days have been a busy time as everyone seems to be giving their two cents about State Patty’s Day or Executive Director Gavin Keirans. We have decided to chronicle them here for you to decide your own thoughts.

Three Years Later: Still no Medical Amnesty

Safeguard Old State’s very own Tom Shakely wrote a Letter to the Editor during his Freshman year, calling for a Medical Amnesty Policy. Now UPUA Legal Affairs is again trying for this policy. This time around it must become a reality.

CDT Letter Writer Understands PSU Problems

Jude Spak, a Patton Township resident, wrote in to the Centre Daily Times last Friday in a damning letter to the editor that spoke more truths than resident Penn State spin artist Bill Mahon has spoken in his life. Read through Jude’s letter and see for yourself: Centre Daily Times — Letters to the Editor […]

What Happens When You Turn 21 At PSU

This magnificent, hilarious Penn State produced thing has been sent into Safeguard Old State from a student who received a link to it congratulating him on his 21st birthday. I can’t believe that University Health Services would produce something like this and actually think it has the desired effect of reducing underage drinking. Click here […]

UPUA President and Vice President Speak Out

Editor’s Note: The following is an editorial written by UPUA President Hillary Lewis and Vice President Frank Keller. In this, Lewis speaks of the productivity of the UPUA as well as their struggle for their accomplishments to be recognized.

What Is A ‘Diversity Pledge’?

Editor’s Note: The Penn State Town Hall blog is authored entirely by readers of Safeguard Old State. The content you read here is entirely up to you as the purveyor of our organization, so consider authoring an article or two yourself! If you’ve got a voice, why not make it heard? Simply e-mail us with […]

Introducing The PSU Town Hall Blog

We here at Safeguard Old State are very happy to unveil one of three new blogs today. Welcome to the Penn State Town Hall blog — a part of the SOS Blogging Community specifically devoted to the vast audience of SOS readers, Penn State alumni, community residents and all members of the Penn State family. […]