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BREAKING: Triponey Is Out.

Breaking news via a contact at The Daily Collegian and from Penn State Live — Penn State Vice-President for Student Affairs, Vicky Triponey, is out at Penn State, effective immediately. Dr. Triponey announced her immediate resignation today via a memo to the press and the article on Penn State Live. This is a huge win […]

Triponey’s Words Ring Hollow

Remember that old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do?”  University administrators nationwide should learn that lesson from our own Vicky Triponey.

Vicky’s Frankensteins: Student Programming Association (SPA)

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of four articles to be published this week on failing and wasteful departments created by Vicky Triponey in the Office Student Affairs. Of all the things Triponey has done to set back the legacy of student affairs in her time ruling over Student Affairs, the Student […]

Voices of PSU 9/14

* Safeguard Old State grew from the grassroots level as an organized expression of the anger and frustration, felt by thousands of current and former Penn State students, over the way PSU’s dignity and traditions are being compromised by the likes of Vicky Triponey. In “Voices of PSU”, SOS will regularly highlight examples of Penn […]

Vicky’s Frankensteins: Center For Student Engagement

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of four articles to be published this week on failing and wasteful departments created by Vicky Triponey in the Office Student Affairs. This week we’ll be spotlighting four of Vicky’s most absurd and financially wasteful departments in Penn State’s division for student affairs. All five of […]

Vicky: A Different Alma Mater?

It’s a little different from the old fashioned, time honored Penn State Alma Mater, but then again, in today’s campus of tradition-bashing and theft of student rights, what does it matter? For all we know, this probably is how Vicky Triponey interprets our sacred Alma Mater. A Vicky Approved Alma Mater? Take hostage the Glory […]

Collegian In The Crosshairs?

The Daily Collegian has certainly been brutally honest in its recent coverage of the ongoing embarrassment that is Vicky Triponey’s tenure in the Penn State Office of Student Affairs. One can only wonder how long it will be before Triponey seeks to impose institutional censorship on PSU’s campus newspaper, just as she did while wreaking […]

Professionalism Under Vicky: ‘Extremely Difficult’

Safeguard Old State talks a lot about how the pillars of the Penn State Way and campus common sense in general are eroding under Vicky Triponey’s vice presidency. Yesterday brought a perfect, concrete example of this degradation. Earlier yesterday afternoon, Brandon Peach, Student General Manager of The LION 90.7fm, was contacted by a representative of […]

Vicky: Desperate To Prop Up UPUA

Some people, when faced with the imminent failure a half-baked and/or poorly-executed undertaking, seek refuge in the pathetic last resort of throwing obscene amounts of money at their bad idea in hopes of keeping it afloat. This is Vicky Triponey’s strategy for salvaging the UPUA. She is able to do this without check or balance, […]

Are Vicky’s Student Affairs On Fire?

Something strange is happening In Penn State’s Office of Student Affairs. Dr. Felicia McGinty left her job at Penn State as #2 under Vicky Triponey in Student Affairs. McGinty’s departure is not the only reason that more people are starting to think that Student Affairs is like a burning house at Penn State, caused by […]