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An Eye on the Penn State Administration

A Closer Look At The State College ‘Tap Tax’

The State College Borough Council has been making headlines recently in The Daily Collegian for its proposed ten percent tax on “poured drinks” in downtown bars. The usual reactions, some for and some against, have been documents in the pages of our newspaper. Yet, when we cut out all the rhetoric, what is this tax […]

Borough, What Happened To ‘Tightened Bonds’?

When the newly elected members of the State College Borough Council came into office earlier this year, they quickly moved to reach out publicly to the student population, and to, as The Daily Collegian phrased it, “tighten bonds” with Penn Staters here in Happy Valley. Now, over two months after they stated their intentions, have […]

Council Woman Goreham Breaks Promise to Students

When State College Borough Councilwoman Liz Goreham ran for political office in 1999, she sold her future constituents a bill of goods about what she would do for them once in office. One of these promises was something groundbreaking, something common-sense, and something gravely needed in State College. Naturally, this promise was forgotten after election […]

Doing The Unexpected: College Student Elected Town Mayor

One of the things we often wonder at Safeguard Old State is whether the State College community would be better off if students didn’t have more say in the affairs of the town through either the Mayor’s office or the Borough Council. This past week, SOS Executive Director Gavin Keirans’ ruminations on the subject were […]