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An Eye on the Penn State Administration

Voices of Central Pennsylvania on the Student Facilities Fee

Voices of Central Pennsylvania, the leading indepedent newspaper in Centre County, reports on the passage of the Student Facilities Fee in its June issue. The article is a good summation of the debacle that is the Student Facilities Fee, from the opposition from student leaders in the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) to the decision […]

The Means & Ends: The New Health Services Building

The Centre Daily Times reported earlier this week on the completed University Health Services building, which will replace Ritenour in less than ten days. I think Penn Staters can universally agree that the Ritenour building was not large enough for the needs of modern health service on our campus. Certainly, something needed to be done, […]

Why Is The Student Activity Fee Subsidizing Gym Costs?

Upon logging into Penn State’s Fitness Department’s website earlier today to buy my summer fitness membership (which allows me access to three different on-campus gyms) I was greeted by a message that both surprised and frustrated me. Unbeknownst to me, our student activity fee dollars are now being funneled into support the operation of the […]

CDT Reader Reaction To The ‘Student Facilities Fee’

We’re cross-posting the Centre Daily Times reader reaction to the Sat., May 17 article PSU Trustees Approve Facilities Fee. Since the Centre Daily Times unfortunately does not keep a living archive of its articles, we wanted to document the community reaction to this fee here for posterity on Safeguard Old State. What a shocker. This […]

Despite Report, Facilities To Get ‘Major Upgrades’

Despite the results of the Recreation Facilities Analysis report that we published on Safeguard Old State earlier this week, the Centre Daily Times reports today that athletic facilities will “get major upgrades.” This development, in and of itself, is not necessarily a problem. What would be problematic, though, is if the administration chooses to use […]

The Future of Penn State: Unlimited Potential

As I sit here at the end of my first year at Penn State I think back as to what I have done, what I have seen, and the people whom I have met. I can say with absolute honesty that I never made a better decision than to come to Happy Valley. In a […]

‘Hurley Will Decide:’ The Student Facilities Fee Is Inevitable

The Daily Collegian today confirms what we at Safeguard Old State have been saying for many months now. Neither the Student Activity Fee (SAF) nor student fees in general are controlled by independent, elected, accountable students. Rather, the administration controls and regulates the fee solely: Hurley To Decide On Fee This Week (TDC) — Interim […]

No Clash: Student Groups United For Reform

In today’s article on the student facilities fee in The Daily Collegian, the article paints a picture that just isn’t true to life, which is fortunate for the student body. Safeguard Old State has been providing unparalleled coverage on the administration’s proposed student fee reorganization for expanding facility space, and the major student governing bodies […]

The Admin’s New Idea: The ‘Student Activities & Facilities Fee’

So, after a few weeks of heavy coverage here on Safeguard Old State, it seems like people across the campus at University Park are finally picking up on things. Last Thursday UPUA President Gavin Keirans put the idea of a facilities fee to a vote of the UPUA Assembly of Representatives. In UPUA, the facilities […]

UPUA Stands Firm On Student Fee Reorganization

The University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) has proven, at least for the moment, that the voice of the students can not only be heard, but can matter. Last night, the UPUA Assembly of Representatives voted overwhelming (19-1-0) to reject and condemn the administration’s proposed reorganization of the Student Activity Fee. The planned reorganization, which was […]