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The Student Government’s Forty Day Plan of Action

The following is an outline of plans for my first forty days as the president of the student body at Penn State University in the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA). Some of these dates may change based on scheduling conflicts, but for the most part they will serve as a guideline for the progress to be made before the end of this academic year.

While this may seem extensive, I anticipate a great deal more to be accomplished by the final exam period. This plan mainly encompasses that of my role as president. UPUA Vice President Valarie Russell, the Executive Cabinet and the Assembly will also be spreading their wings throughout campus through a plethora of projects.

The final two weeks of the plan will be jam packed, although here I’ve outlined what are more broad ideas rather than specifics because the scheduling of those weeks is still in progress.

The UPUA Forty Day Plan of Action

  • Thursday, March 27 – First trip to UPUA office after election results, informally discuss re-instituting Student Legal Adviser with UPUA Legal Affairs members.
  • Saturday, March 29 – Transition meeting with outgoing UPUA President Hillary Lewis.
  • Sunday, March 30 – Meeting with Vice President for Student Affairs Gail Hurley and Associate Vice President Stan Latta regarding the Student Facilities Fee.
  • Wednesday, April 2 – Attend the Rally in the Rotunda.
  • Wednesday, April 2 – First UPUA General Assembly meeting, elect all committee heads, hold meeting two weeks ahead of what was originally scheduled, pass legislation calling for a Presidential Commission for the Association of Big Ten Student Conference to be hosted at Penn State, a prestigious honor for our university.
  • Thursday, April 3 – Preliminary Meeting with University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC) Leadership regarding funding requests for next year, write editorial about my plans as President for The Daily Collegian
  • Friday, April 4 – Meeting with UPUA Adviser Bob Orndorff regarding platform goals and state of next year.
  • Friday, April 4 & Saturday April 5 – Speak with different student leaders about the implementation of the Student Facilities Fee.
  • Sunday, April 6 – First Steering Committee with UPUA Chairs where we will go over role delegations and committee assignments. Further we will discuss how to implement platform ideas by the end of the year.
  • Monday, April 7 – Emails and Notifications sent out to student organizations regarding Executive Cabinet Positions. Radio spots will also be run on The LION 90.7fm starting this week.
  • Monday, April 7 – Committee Meeting for The Corner Pocket in the HUB-Robeson Center with UPAC members including Chairwoman Kendra Carr, me and a representative from Safeguard Old State. The idea of reforming The Corner Pocket is a strong part of my platform and I plan on leading the charge to make it a reality.
  • Monday, April 7 – Speak in the open forum of the State College Borough Council about the need for a Student Landlord Dispute Resolution Center and a need for a Student ABC committee to increase relations. This will set the stage for further dialogue.
  • Wednesday, April 9 – Meeting with Borough Manager Tom Fountaine about the implementation of a Student Landlord Dispute Resolution Center as well ABC committee implementation. I also have invited Pat Gordon, Off Campus Student Union (OCSU) President, to be a part of the process and have extended an Executive Cabinet invitation to Gordon in order to create a strong working relationship with OCSU.
  • Wednesday, April 9 – UPUA Transition Dinner, where I will be offering the closing address in which I will make it well known to the current assembly and to the student body what we need to accomplish this year.
  • Thursday, April 10 – By this date I will have met with all members of the Student Activity Fee Board regarding the Facilities Fee. It is imperative that students especially are on the same page.
  • Thursday, April 10 – Meet with Gail Hurley and Stan Latta regarding the Facilities Fee.
  • Friday, April 11 – First Student Activity Fee Board (SAFB) meeting where myself and another UPUA representative will call for sweeping changes to be made to the Facilities Fee or for it to be tabled until a concrete plan is in place.
  • Friday, April 11 – At the SAFB meeting, ask that the board grant the UPUA an exemption to the three year rule regarding using Student Activity Fee Money to replace General Purposes. It has been two years since there has been a legal adviser at Penn State, the last being Jose Texidor. The UPUA wants to fill this position by the end of this academic year and has already reached preliminary terms with one candidate. Now all that stands in our way, is this archaic rule which does nothing to benefit students.
  • Friday, April 11 – Attend Ron Paul Dinner after his speech in the Intramural Meeting, after graciously being invited by the College Libertarians.
  • Friday, April 11 – Attend Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG) Council weekend, specifically the Crossfire debates between presidential candidates. It is important that UPUA shows support to our commonwealth brethren so that a working relationship is in order.
  • Saturday, April 12 – By this date I will have set up meetings with all of the State College Borough Council Members and Mayor Bill Welch. Currently this has yet to be done, but in the coming week I will speak to contacts I have on the council in order to make this a reality.
  • Sunday, April 13 – Attend Steering Committee meeting, asking all committee heads to each present a plan for the upcoming year now that their committees are filled in.
  • Sunday, April 13 – By this date have a clear outline of Executive Cabinet Positions filled and presented to Committees for approval. While we may need to fulfill more positions if there is a need, this will at least serve the needs of our current initiatives and the Constitution.
  • Monday, April 14 – By this date, speak to UPAC about funding for Test Trial for CATA, if not feasible speak to Safe Ride about implementing their ideas into a solution for late night escort services
  • Monday, April 14 – Attend WebLion meeting regarding Student Portal website.
  • Wednesday, April 16 – Second UPUA Assembly Meeting. Legislation to be passed about funding the ABTS conference, Retreat for UPUA Members, Approval by Assembly of Executive Cabinet Members, Opinion on Facilities Fee, Office Revitalization expenses, as well as at the very least an opinion on the need for a Legal Adviser.
  • Wednesday, April 16 – Attend first Cabinet of Student Leaders (COSL) meeting, where I will discuss the need for reform within the organization to safeguard against it being used for purposes other than networking and collaboration between student governing bodies.
  • Thursday, April 17 – Set up meeting with Centre Area Transporation Authority (CATA) officials. Attend meeting on student groups website or delegate a representative.
  • Friday, April 18 – Write a report on the first weeks in office and outline any areas in need of improvement.
  • Saturday, April 19 – Attend the Blue and White game and attend any events to which I am invited.
  • Sunday, April 20th – By this date meet with Inter-Fraternity Council, Pan-Hellenic Council, NHPC and MGC leadership for preliminary talks regarding collaboration. Also fill Executive Cabinet positions for the two Greeks as outlined in my original campaign platform.
  • Monday, April 21 – Have met with close to every member of the State College Borough Council and have concrete plans in place for, at the very least, ABC committees. Further also have at least preliminary ideas for a Student Landlord Dispute Resolution Center.
  • Monday, April 21 – Hold first UPUA Executive Meeting and attend second UPUA Steering Committee Meeting.
  • Tuesday, April 22 – Meet with UPAC to put in request for funding at the operational level. In the future we will request funding for specific initiatives.
  • Wednesday, April 23 – Third UPUA General Assembly Meeting where we will pass legislation regarding implementation of a Medical Amnesty Policy and ask that UPUA Legal Affairs make a presentation regarding this initiative. We will also deal with new business from the other committees and the steering committee.
  • Thursday, April 24 – Release a report on the state of the new student groups website in consultation with members of the committee Enrique Ortiz, Kathleen Best, Hillary Gupta and Matt Boyd.
  • Friday, April 25 & Sunday April 27 – Retreat for UPUA Members where each member will be required to write their top two initiative ideas. These will serve as a basis for projects in the 2008-2009 academic year.
  • Monday, April 28 – Meet with the newly appointed leadership of the Student Programming Association (SPA) and UPUA Programming Chairwoman Hillary Gupta to create a plan for a healthy working relationship. Specifically, there is a need for their membership to be selected like that of the University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC) by a three person board including the SPA Executive Director, UPUA President and a member of COSL (or a UPUA Cabinet of Student Leaders Presidential Commission).
  • Tuesday, April 29 – Have ironed out a concrete plan on the Student-Landlord Dispute Resolution Center with the State College borough. If this is failing, I will make note of the reasons for its failure and what needs to be done in order to make it a reality in the future. The borough has promised this for ten years and I will ensure that at least some working plans are put in place.
  • Wednesday, April 30 – Pass legislation to have each member of the assembly meet with five student groups and write a collaborative report of what those groups would like to see accomplished. This is vital to a proactive leadership strategy.
  • Thursday, May 1 – Assign a member of the UPUA Assembly to act as a lobbyist to the Pennsylvania legislators in Harrisburg, attending meetings, meet with individual representatives and speaking on behalf of the Penn State student body.
  • Friday, May 2 – Have completed five video blogs, each recorded weekly of the progress of the UPUA.
  • Monday, May 5 – Release a short documentary on the UPUA, chronicling our first forty days in office.

So, this is the first forty days, for which we have a great deal planned. The plan is intended to set a foundation for the upcoming academic year. In the weeks following May 5, I will also be attending the Penn State Board of Trustees meeting at the Nittany Lion Inn. I will also be attending “Leadershape” from May 11 – 16.

Through the summer I’ll be keeping you updated on my activities at Penn State Student Body President through my blog here at Safeguard Old State.

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