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Jerry ‘J.J.’ Livingston Runs For Office

Jerry “J.J.” Livingston, last year’s President of the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG) has put his name in the race for Pennsylvania State Representative in the race for the 71st district.

In this Johnstown race, there are a total of six Democrats running for the party’s nomination with Livingston in the mix. Regardless of the outcome, it is great to see someone who served Penn State as a student leader make a bid for political office in our Commonwealth.

Livingston’s campaign website offers his background as well as his reasons for running. As evident by my meeting with him this past weekend, Livingston still cares deeply about the Penn State student body as he attended the CCSG Council weekend.

In my brief dealings with J.J. last year, I found him to be of high character and one who genuinely cares and loves our Alma Mater, Penn State. Regardless of the outcome in the primary, Livingston should be congratulated for stepping up and running for office in his first year out of college.

The student body of Penn State is pulling for you. It’s time to take your passion and leadership to the Capitol.

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