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Word Up: Penn State Theatre Success

This past Thursday I had an opportunity to see the play Word Up. The play is made up of almost entirely Penn State students. I must say that I am flat out amazed at the talent that was on that stage.

Normally this is not the type of thing I blog about, but this show is something special. Seeing Penn State students perform on such high level is always worth writing about.

One of my favorite plays is Rent, which I saw on Broadway in November. This play, Word Up reminded me a great deal of Rent but updated for a Hip Hop generation.

Word Up hit on many different social issues from the start of the Hip Hop movement, to the AIDS epidemic, to the violence of the early 90s, to political ignorance.

What is even more impressive is that a Penn State faculty member directed this play. A man named Steve Broadnax did an amazing job of meshing together talent.

I never knew too much about the theatre program before this play. If it wasn’t for St. Joe’s Prep alum Adam Ferrone being a main staple of the play I would have never attended.

I am glad I did attend because I found that we have a prospering theater program with some amazing talent.

In my time here I’ve attended a great deal of events but this might have been the most impressive performance I’ve seen.

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