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Sept. 11th And The Penn State Bureaucracy

It is not often that you hear about someone talking out against paying respect to people that went before us.  I was in class today and I got an e-mail from the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), a group of students that decided this year to pay respect to all of those who died on September 11, 2001.

What I have come to understand is that these students set up some 3,000 American flags on the Library lawn, each one representing a person who died on that horrible day.

“This morning, the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)  set up 2,997 flags in memory of the people who died on 9/11 seven years ago in the library lawn.  There was no ulterior motive for YAF to do this to incite any political or hate against anyone group, just a simple memorial dedicated to help people remember what happened on this day seven years ago.  This afternoon, our chairman, got a phone call from someone in the HUB, who is going to take the issue up with the Administration about having the flags put there in a nonreservable area, and they will be taking down the flags sometime today, supposedly, along with charging us for the cleanup.  We were planning to take the flags down tonight, and according to Curtis Corson, YAF treasurer, YAF contacted the HUB multiple times in order to get a space, yet none were available. “

This is just a piece of the email I received, and I think that it speaks volumes to the state of our University. This event should not be hindered; it should be applauded.  These students did something that makes our University better.  I simply cannot comprehend why there was such an issue with this on the part of administrators.

These students did all of us here a favor.  I am pledging all the support of Safeguard Old State and I hope that more people will find out about this issue and pledge their support, because this issue is not one that should be anything but applauded.

I think the administration should learn a lesson in respect, and realize that we understand the procedures they have in place are created for the best intentions, but should be more flexible, and open for interpretation.

UPDATE (TAS) — The LION 90.7fm‘s public affairs program Radio Free Penn State devoted today’s show to the discussion of this controversy. Hosted by Andy Nagypal (Class of 2003), panelists include Thomas A. Shakely, President & General Manager of The LION 90.7fm, Alex Weller, President of the College Libertarians, Chris Morell, Executive Director of Safeguard Old State and Gavin Keirans, Penn State Student Body President.


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I saw the article the collegian did on this today. I thought it was the stupidest thing i’ve heard all year. Don’t they have anything better to do than bother a 9/11 memorial? Ugh.

From the Collegian: “Their expression had good intentions. It’s unfortunate their actions weren’t also as properly administered,” she said.

Are sentiments like this part of Graham Spanier’s plan to “humanize” the University?

Don’t forget to the put the cover sheets on your TPS reports kiddies!

If this was a tribute to [[insert weakling leftist here]], you can bet it would be held each year, and paid for with student funds.

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