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The View from the Valley

An Exploration into Town-Gown Relations

Penn State deserves to be #1

WE deserve to be number 1.  For the school with some of the most rowdy fans in all of the land.  Where else do we see street signs being uprooted, just because a football game was won.  Have you ever been to a place where people, are willing to state pepper spray in the face, because they are so happy?

The “riots” that occurred Saturday night, were nothing more then a release of a excitement building for years.  It should be embraced and shown for all of the world to see, how we can come together, and support a common cause, even if it is just football.  On Saturday night we were a student body, even if we were destructive, we did not hurt any one, and we did not have to go to an administrator for permission.  We made history on Saturday night, lets enjoy it Penn State, let the ride begin, it is going to be wild.

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