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Perspective: The Human Reaction To The Riot

So much has been said about last weekend’s riot in Beaver Canyon that anything more risks commentary overdose. That being said, it’s worth looking to the perspective of a few local residents and alums to get a more realistic and human take on this topic.

From the Centre Daily Times:

Oh my. What has the culture of this community come to?

Once upon a time, students were allowed to carry goal posts down the street in celebration of a big victory! It was celebrated and people were happy!

Now, everyone is so uptight and indignant. People weren’t hurt (except by the cops). State College and the big money makers (high rise owners) won’t feel $10,000 of the property damage. They have made their millions off the students for decades now.

Stop this police state already!

Another commenter said the following:

This is why yet another in a long string of destructive, celebratory student riots occurred. The participants lacked respect for law, order, and the State College community. There is a lack of Penn State administration and student leadership. It’s that simple.

Both of these comments are an accurate take on the events that unfolded last weekend. The culture in higher education — not just at our university — has so decayed that students have fewer and fewer means by which to experience real, raw human interaction of the kind that’s not coordinated by class or committees.

It’s no surprise, then, that when a win like the one we experienced over our long time rivals occurs, students flood the streets in celebration and go overboard, perhaps egged on by law enforcement even more than deterred by them.

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