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The View from the Valley

An Exploration into Town-Gown Relations


The gap between Town and Gown Grows

There is no doubt that there is a gap between the views of town and gown.  The towns people are well represented by the CDT, and the students more so by the Daily Collegian.  I found a piece on the CDT’s website, that illustrated this perfectly. “But, hey the Nittany Lion faithful had a right […]

Perspective: The Human Reaction To The Riot

So much has been said about last weekend’s riot in Beaver Canyon that anything more risks commentary overdose. That being said, it’s worth looking to the perspective of a few local residents and alums to get a more realistic and human take on this topic. From the Centre Daily Times: Oh my. What has the […]

State College & A Student Relations Committee

The Daily Collegian reported today on an idea first proposed by Safeguard Old State Executive Director Chris Morell on Oct. 13 at a meeting of the State College Borough Council. Mr. Morell proposed the creation of a Student Relations Committee of the State College Borough, to be established as a formal ABC committee in our […]

Penn State deserves to be #1

WE deserve to be number 1.  For the school with some of the most rowdy fans in all of the land.  Where else do we see street signs being uprooted, just because a football game was won.  Have you ever been to a place where people, are willing to state pepper spray in the face, […]

The Liquor License: Tony Sapia’s Last Stand?

Tony Sapia, owner of three of State College’s most infamous bars — Tony’s Big Easy, Candy Bar and Lounge and Lulu’s Nightspot (formerly Club Love) — may soon be parting with the liquor license his businesses depend on. As The Daily Collegian reports, Mr. Sapia’s liquor license renewal earlier this year was denied by the […]

Borough Council Could Double Drinking Fines

Every Monday the State College Borough Council meets at 7:30pm downtown. It is my hope that students will begin to go to these meetings as the decisions and discussion that takes place often adversely affects more then half of the students here at University Park. If you read The Daily Collegian you can see the […]

Sept. 11th And The Penn State Bureaucracy

It is not often that you hear about someone talking out against paying respect to people that went before us.  I was in class today and I got an e-mail from the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), a group of students that decided this year to pay respect to all of those who died on […]

Duck & Cover: Beer Sales Debut At Wegmans

In a move that administrators at Penn State would undoubtedly chide as contributing to State College’s “drinking problem,” Wegmans has begun selling beer in its grocery store just off of North Atherton Street at 345 Colonnade Way. This is a rather unprecedented move for Pennsylvania, as alcohol is strictly regulated by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control […]

College Student, 19, Elected Mayor of Oklahoma City

I’ve written before on Safeguard Old State about students who, “doing the unexpected,” can become leaders in their communities even as undergraduates. Gavin Keirans even scored a front page story in The Daily Collegian earlier this year for his thoughts on the subject. Today, a friend of Safeguard Old State e-mailed me another story of […]

Smoking guns…

I had a good time writing Follow the Money. …and so today, i enjoyed the piece on SOS and in the Collegian about how the FAB is essentially being killed. I won’t regurgitate my comments on its timely death, as i already said i don’t think it changes the basis of a case for suing […]